Your Says of the Day: ‘Shattered Britain pins hopes on United defeat’

Date published: Friday 18th November 2016 2:08

Arsene Wenger: Unable to break Mourinho hoodoo?

“Shattered” Britain are pinning their hopes on a Manchester United defeat to “salvage a small sliver of joy”, while Arsene Wenger should retire if Arsenal cannot win, all in today’s your says.

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‘Shattered Britain pins hopes on Man United getting beaten’

Hopes are high that Manchester United can restore the nation’s morale by losing heavily against Arsenal this weekend.

After seeing the world lurch inexplicably into the grip of an unpredictable tyrant, a 4-0 defeat to Arsenal is seen as the only constructive response to pull the country back from the brink of total despair.

Tom Logan, football fan said: “Not only have we Brexit to contend with but now, unbelievably, a Donald Trump presidency and the normalisation of the far right.

“One way to fight back against that is the normalisation of Man United getting their arses handed to them on a regular basis.

“Football has the power to bring us together and bring a smile to the country’s face. In these dark times, I believe that Wayne Rooney scoring an own goal with an ill-judged bicycle kick in which he splits his shorts would do just that.

“2016 has been dreadful but if it sees Mourinho sent to the stands for biting a linesman in childish frustration at the catastrophically over-priced Paul Pogba, we may yet salvage a small sliver of joy.”

Steveosnake eye


Gunners need to break hoodoo

They do have a hoodoo over us up there recently.

Last year we were on fire going there and they had half a team and we still lost.

They are also not playing that bad even the games they have dropped points they have still created loads of chances especially at home. As everybody says Boreinho has the mockers over Arsen so I will be happy if we come away with a draw.


United: We didn’t finish our chances

I know we are not firing on any cylinders at the moment but by GOD the way the media and those cock sure anti tw… are talking about united you would think we are bottom of the league! A**holes!!

To not beat Burnley and Stoke when the chances tell you the game should have been over in the first half the picture would have been all so different four points off the top? But the reality is we didn’t finish our chances but played well enough.

I implore the team to give us something to shout about tom press and create problems for the ******! We do have some players up front who can make it difficult for them notably rashford and martial with their pace. Seriously if they needed any motivation just plaster the newspaper trash to he wall!



Arsene Wenger Arsenal

‘If Wenger can’t beat Mourinho he should retire’

If Wenger can’t beat Mourinho he may as well retire.

I’ve read above that it’s Mourinho etc etc, but this isn’t Mourinho’s team. They aren’t getting results, playing poorly etc. You can point out that Chelsea were poor last season but still beat you, because it was Mourinho, but at least Mourinho knew what the players were capable of as they won the league the previous year.

I fully expect you to actually rip them apart!



Phew…international week is over

Yep – the internationals suck!

I’m going to the Southampton game on Saturday! So I’m looking forward to this one and really hoping we put in a good performance and most importantly get the 3 points.

Sat with their supporters though, so I’ll have to be careful of my celebrations I’ve had about 10,000 dirty looks in the past … like after coutinho scoring from 35 yards!!


‘MK Dons might be too much for Gerrard’

After the career he’s had, he’ll have a decent idea of how he’d want to manage. But one huge factor is collaboration, having experts in different areas, nobody does it all by themselves.

MK Dons might be too much too soon. He may be better off mixing with other coaches and building up a few more contacts before going into management, people who are competent and he can trust.

Otherwise it could well go pear-shaped for him, and even though it’s a team effort it’s usually the manager who carries the can.

Some never bounce back from that, I mean look at Gary Neville, do you think he’ll be managing again any time soon?

j c


Wayne Rooney The Sun

The Wayne Rooney debate…

Killyboye – I’m not defending Rooney, I’m just highlighting that he has to work harder than others to stay in shape. That’s a sacrifice he should be making. Some people are naturally thin, some people are naturally fat. It’s the way of the world. Those who are naturally thin have to work harder than others to bulk up for example.

At the end of the day I don’t think Rooney’s fitness has ever been an issue. It’s his footballing ability that’s in question. He doesn’t looked shattered after a game as far as I can remember. His sharpness isn’t what it should be though.



@manthistle No one is naturally fat, that’s a myth.

Diet, exercise etc control your metabolism, not genetics. I’m saying this as someone who is not thin but I know it’s my fault. I’m not blaming my build, or my father and mother. It’s because I eat shit food and don’t exercise properly.

He may have a build that makes him LOOK heavier than he is, but he is not now or ever was naturally fat.



It is all about genetics. My body is like Hercules, but that is because of my hard work at the gym.

I know people who have been training for years and still struggle to pack muscle. They have trained with me and followed the same diet as me. Thankfully my pops use to go to the gym and I must have picked things up from him. That is the only answer.


Antonio Conte: Manager often animated on touchline

Same again for Conte?

Confirmed from Conte that Chelsea have no injury worries and that includes Costa. Therefore, I would expect the same starting 11 unless it is deemed that Luiz is still jet lagged or tired from his travels. Based on the goals that Boro have scored (or not), I would have no hesitation in adding JT to the team if required for this match

Based on current form you have to be looking at 3 points although I expect a tough game. But if we can get our noses in front early on then I think they will be in for a tough afternoon but the longer they can keep us at bay then their confidence will grow

All that being said, especially as we will be aware of all the important results before we play, I see no further than another victory ( and possibly top of the table…?). KTBFFH

CFC 1905

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