Your Says of the Day: Should United have waited for Simeone?

Date published: Monday 30th May 2016 12:54 - Ian Watson

Diego Simeone: Reduced his contract

Would Diego Simeone have been a bitter fit for Man Utd than Jose Mourinho? Also: Arsenal should go for Lukaku, and why the fuss over Stones?

Did United jump into bed with Jose too soon?

Seems there’s a few articles stating Simeone is considering his position. Obviously its a bit late now but to me Simeone is one of the few managers that would suit Man Utd, he has that passion and aggression and he does it all whilst maintaining likability. What do you guys think about him?



Why the clamour for an ex-Red on Mourinho’s staff?

What annoys me is why do United persist on having a legend in the dugout like it should be compulsory. The only country that this method works in is in Spain. Conte took up many different jobs before returning to Juventus. Same with Ancelotti.

The club will not evolve if they cannot move on from the past. Let Giggs gain experience elsewhere to prove himself.



JOhn Stones Marcus Rashford England

Unjustified hype around Stones

I just don’t get the hype around this kid at all. Is it because he’s English? He’s been part of an Everton back four that has seen them concede a ridiculous number of goals this season,and he hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory on a personal level. I get that Martinez didn’t really ‘get’ the defensive side of the game,but even when he’s played for England, he makes so many basic errors. Despite all this, Chelsea were pursuing him for a long time, to the point where he put in a transfer request, Guardiola and Mourinho apparently both want him, and this morning, he’s been linked with Barcelona.

My question is, why would those clubs want him? For the money Everton are asking, United, City etc could put in a bid for Varane, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Bartra, Sergio Ramos… They’re all better players than Stones, yet Stones seems to be the one they all want. I don’t get it.



The Ox deserves more perseverance than Walcott

After all the perseverance with Walcott, Chamberlain is nowhere near his peak and I know it’s only rumours, but Wenger is willing to let him go. Total mismanagement in my opinion. You don’t stick up for someone who has no football brain in hope of one day learning the game and dump a guy with so much potential after a few setbacks. Makes no sense – then again what does make sense when it comes to Wenger these days. Walcott cannot even control the ball, all very well being quick but if you cannot take the ball with you, you’re pretty much made obsolete during the game. If Chambo can work on his short passing we have the better player of the two.

the bsm walk


Romelu Lukaku Belgium

Wenger should look to Lukaku 

Hard to imagine a better long term option for us but the only issue is the price being quoted. I know its all paper talk but I saw a figure of £60 million being thrown around last week which is absolute madness. I would really like to see him at Arsenal but its a non starter at that price, with Wenger in charge.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Man Utd paid a huge sum of money for him because they are going to throw money at Jose to get back in the top four.



Firmino’s fine first season

If I am honest. I was gutted when Liverpool got him last summer. Seen him a few times at his previous club and he always stood out. When he was heavily linked with United, I always knew it was too good to be true due to the number of number 10s at the club.

His first season has been brilliant. He holds good second half stats. Considering some Brazilians struggle in the PL, he has come in and adapted well. Will have a better 2nd season IMO and Liverpool got him at a bargain in todays market.





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