Your Says of the Day: Spurs cannot compete with United

Date published: Friday 1st April 2016 12:13

Gary Neville: Showed 'b****'

And David Dein’s exit at Arsenal was “catastrophic”, while Chelsea do not need to invest too much in their squad.

Dein’s Arsenal exit was ‘catastrophic’

Steve68 – you are 100% correct with what you say about Dein. Lets not forget he was the one who brought Bergkamp over, the one who talked sol campbell into joining us from the spuds! wenger had all but given up on the deal and Dein saw that over the line – Making the deal happen. You only have to look at our transfers after he was forced out to see how bad wenger and Gaz are at managing transfers. Apart from Sanchez and ozil neither has done well in the transfer market for a very long time. And when you look at the amount of crap we have signed thats not good.
Deins dismissal was also catastrophic for wenger as he was the only one who challenged wenger and pushed him (all this is common knowledge)



Spurs cannot compete with United for players

I can’t see Spurs getting players ahead of us tbh. Regardless of CL. It’s the money thing. Our top wage is about three times that of Spurs’. Players still move for money – look at China. Also, the players have egos, surely they think if they are good enough and sign for us then they will get us back into the CL anyway?

We signed Di Maria and Falcao when we had no CL, and fair enough they didn’t come good for us; but they were thought of as top, top players when we signed them and Di Maria is having a great season now.

City started off with big signings before they were in the CL, so I can’t see it being too much of a problem this summer.

Obviously there is still a pecking order, and we are behind the big world clubs; but that is nothing new.


Neville shows ‘arrogance, innovation, and b****’

Having seen some of what our thoughts were in general about Neville’s appointment and the inevitable Giggs debate that followed. Having seen all the opposing views on this thread I think there are a lot of take aways here:

1. A legendary player (or pundit) does not make a legendary manager (at least, not immediately).
2. “Hitting the ground running” as a rookie in management is impossible except in special circumstances.
3. The language barrier is a real problem.
3. Gary Neville was out of his depth in the job at Valencia.

I believe that in the end the Mac is correct to an extent. He was suggesting that Neville must not be written off outright, that he deserved a chance. The Mac was a bit too assertive in saying it (insinuating that Neville could take charge at United now) but in the end he is correct. I think Neville is probably a much, much better coach, pundit, or rather a “football person” than he was before this Valencia disaster.

He will now know a lot more and will also know the difficulties of communicating with players that do not understand English. Let alone the difficulty of communicating what should have been done without moving the players to where they should be on a screen in the Sky studio as theMartial Art would say.

At this point, both Giggs and Neville are terrible options to attempt to even think about applying for the United job but at the same time, Neville has a lot more respect from me. He revolutionized training in the England camp and he must find another job in England and build himself properly. He is a very obvious leader and very intelligent.

I believe Gary Neville has a real future as a manager, he shows some arrogance, innovation, and balls. I hope he looks for another gig.



Giggs in next at United

@emmicallef – we know Sir is a power freak, just like all dictators. I can’t think of a dictator in history who has gone peacefully and reliquished all control. They all try to put their chosen one in power so they can retain inflluence and control.

Moyes, the fellow scot, would have been forever in Sirs debt for getting such a plum job and obliged to do as Fergie asked. Moyes would have been Sirs surrogate. That failed so Sir has chosen Giggs. LvG on a short contract meant Giggs could be fast tracked.

I expected LvG to get the sack this season but it seems he and Ed have ridden the storm, He’ll see out his contact and Giggs is next. Next season will be a repeat of this season in terms of results and performance. And when Giggs takes over we will be the new Liverpool, also rans chasing top4. I’ll give Giggs 2 seasons then at long last we may get the right man and get back on track. It’s going to be a long wait but we both saw it coming.



Chelsea ‘don’t need to invest that much’

Blaze, salient points and if I may add, I think the pertinent point you raise is the money that has already been sunk into Chelsea. It is close to if not more than a billion all things considered. That investment is also going to rise with the new stadium.

With all of the billionaire owners, there will come a time when it is just not possible to spend. Oil and gas falls will determine a lot of this, I can’t foresee City being able to continue investment on the levels they have.

I think having Elmano, scouting future stars isn’t a bad option. The sale of those players, even if short sighted, propelled us to another title with Jose in charge and helped us pretty much break even and brought in new sponsors at higher revenues. Sadly, it’s left us short and the new man coming in has a bit of a job to do.

In terms of the league, I really don’t think we need to invest that much. If we look at the likes of Spurs and Leicester, they’re where they are through shrewd investment and canny management… and a bloody good team ethic.

Why don’t we need significant investment? because our rivals, bar united, haven’t really spent vast sums in comparison. This is still a championship winning squad.

United needed the level of investment because under moyes, they saw how far off the pace they were and how good a manager Ferguson was. The same for CFC under Jose. Pellegrini inherited a fantastic squad, Spurs have been building the side they’ve had for a couple of seasons and got lucky with a couple of players in Kane and Ali, the foxes have forged team spirit in adversity from last season.

It helps to have a striker as in form as Vardy as well. Arsenal, just don’t invest and if we hit the ground running next season, I fully expect to be challenging.

We lost those players, but won a league title. I’d argue the decision was correct short term but not long term, Roman simply has to invest not just money when running the club, but more importantly, TRUST… He had it with the original untouchables, and needs to let the new man build the same trust, but not just in the first team, but coherently throughout the different age groups from the academy upwards.

I think it’s just a case of joining the dots for the new manager and getting everyone singing from the same cliched song sheet. Football isn’t rocket science. Building an effective winning formula is.


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