Your Says of the Day: Spurs need Alli, Man City not title worthy

Date published: Thursday 3rd March 2016 3:08

Dele Alli: Does not feel he needs to work on his temper

Also, Manchester United’s winning run is a miracle, it’s up to the Arsenal fans to force Arsene Wenger out of club and why Bournemouth is a must win game for Newcastle. 

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Tottenham need Alli for north-London derby

That was quite disappointing all in all, 3 points at Upton Park is never easy and I know we’re not to going to win every game, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Hopefully Dembele/Alli are both fit enough for the Goon Show, we seem a million miles better with them in the team. Makes Sundays NLB even more intense…and the battle for 4th is getting a bit tasty too!

What a mental season!


Four wins in a row is a miracle for Manchester United

4 wins in 4 games. A horrid performance, but we were due a grinding out. To win 4 on the bounce when we haven’t even been able to put together a full subs bench is miraculous really.

Watford deserved more. Ighalo should have had 3 goals, and they should have had a penalty. I think we could have had a penalty too. Scrappy game, but Watford really put us under the cosh.

Good to finally see Schneiderlin put in a good performance. I also didn’t expect Fosu Mensah in the first team so soon. How is that kid only 18? He’s built like Antonio Valencia.


Adam Johnson sentencing a warning to footballers

I hope this fella’s shameful story will be heeded by other footballers. Everyone knows sportsmen are closely followed by droves of women but footballers must learn to be more careful because of it.

Johnson clearly took advantage of a minor and he must feel the full force of the law. He is in for a huge lifestyle shock.


Time to force Wenger out

A few seasons ago people were saying that Wenger should move on before he becomes he tarnishes the image he has built over the years. Personally, I genuinely couldn’t see who could replace him. Now I don’t care, people are quite rightly saying that the players should be taking responsibility but guess what? He’s responsible for bringing in these overpaid charlatans so actually I’d prefer someone else to come in and show the players (especially Theo – what a joke of a player) that “no you aren’t worth the money we pay you” . Tonight’s game was awful, I was absolutely gutted. I managed to get a seat tonight which is a rarity and I had to sit through an abject performance… It won’t change though, this year we’ll manage top 4 and of course that is enough. Wenger will stay. I recently posted that the paying fans (not me I admit I can’t afford it!) are our only saviours. They need to be hanging the banners and makimg us heard. Do another march, walk out early, please, please do whatever it takes to change things. The season ticket holders surely are the biggest weapon we have. The entire Global fanbase are relying on you guys!


Liverpool taking advantage of Flanagan

It’s a disgrace his contract situation hasn’t been sorted out.
If he was a young foreign player who has put in performances such as he has recently and in the past he would already have a contact if not at the very least to protect his worth.
They are taking advantage of the fact that he is a local lad who loves the club and will do anything to play for the club.


City not title worthy

Another disapointing display – our players were tired apparently … unfortunately this doesnt really wash as the opposition last night also played 120 minutes at the weekend, coincidentally! Why not look to the youth if energy is the likely problem.

Anyway, we never get anything at Anfield and so we aren’t really any worse off than normal and only lost 1 point on Leicester this game week, theres only a max 3 points available between Arsenal and Spurs and so we can get back on track, as I still think that Leicester are capable of being 9 points clear and losing their last 3 games – though they say if you watch football for long enough, you will see everything happen …

As someone else said on here – when we lose, we lose big! And its starting to feel that we don’t deserve to win the league, even though I still think we can. Performances like West Ham both games, Spurs both games, Leicester at home, Stoke away and Liverpool both games, isn’t exactly title worthy!

Brian blue

Bournemouth game a must win for Newcastle

Next 3 games are massive. I said we need seven points in March. Still possible but feels highly unlikely at the moment. Swansea beating Arsenal shows no results are a sure thing in this league, although if we lose on Saturday to Bournemouth then i will have lost all hope and think we are destined to go down.

just depressing!


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