Your Says of the Day: Star Reds duo want out; Bellerin to stay

Date published: Thursday 21st July 2016 12:48

Hector Bellerin: Arsenal speculation

One reader says two of Liverpool’s big names want out at Anfield, while the Hector Bellerin rumours are quashed by Arsenal fans.

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Bellerin future

If Barcelona wanted Bellerin they would sign him. Bellerin would sign on the dotted line quicker than you can say “home”. It looks like Barcelona have gone for the cheaper option with Digne though.

If Guardiola’s Manchester City want Bellerin it is also a big threat to Arsenal. More wages, more chances of titles and obviously the Guardiola effect as well. If I were an Arsenal fan I would be worried. The only thing stopping a move to City is Bellerin having loyalty to Wenger for giving him an opportunity – something which Fabregas, van Persie, Clichy, and Nasri all eventually “betrayed”.


If Bellerin does leave, its going to be for Barcelona. City’s interest is futile & nothing will come of it. He nas never met Guardiola, they dont have a relationship. Its irrational to assume just because they both come from Barcelona that means they have a bond of some sort. Life & football is more complicated than that.

I would give Bellerin’s own life precedence over ‘wanting to work with Pep’. The way the papers talk, it would seem Bellerin’s whole life is viewed through the prism of desiring a reunification with Pep. Forget the fact he is settled in London, has a girlfriend who is also happy in London, supposedly Bellerin just ‘wants to work with Pep’. And all that entails that happening, such as moving City ect, is a just a byproduct of his desire to ‘work with Pep’.

There are actual qoutes form Bellerin signalling no intention to leave, and in fact wanting to extend his deal. Whilst the rumours to Man City are hearsay and thus its entirely possible its fabrication. The story first broke 2 days ago, and seems to have died a quick death. The people who believe this rumour are irrational.


Skeptical about new respect rules

Been seeing on a few sites there are new rules concerning this, namely the Ref’s aren’t going to take it any more and are fully entitled to dish out cards. I think we all agree here it is something that needs to be done, no teams are saints when it comes to this, but do we really think it’s going to happen?

I personally would put money on the fact the ref will get abuse about 3 minutes (or less) in the first game of the season and nothing will happen! Would love to be wrong though…


Liverpool stars unhappy

ST – There are rumours that a few players want out, they don’t like Klopp’s harsh training regime, I believe two of these are Coutinho, and Firmino, so maybe that is why he has gone for him (Wijnaldum) earlier because if he had waited till those two had gone then that would have pushed the fee up. Also Clyne is another one who wants to go and has been offered to Barca, who want him but don’t have the money, maybe we could do a part ex with Suarez.


Back to basics with Big Sam

the Key to success is simply put winning games, this is done by scoring more than the opposition and conceding little goals. the success of that is down to the balance of the team and executing a game plan…

i get frustrated when i hear we need to do a Spain, or Tika-Takka as their success was down to the Barcelona contingent, who play like that week in week out, with the individual class players knowing their exact strengths weaknesses and roles of each other in the team. Spain have been Awful over the last two tournaments due to the retirement of Torres, Villa, Xavi and Puyol as they don’t have the mental and physical balance of attack and defence. simply put the players who have replaced them are not as good or used to a different game plan… in fact the last two tournaments the squad simply put hasn’t been just Barcelona and Madrid plus Torres.. it have been a plethora of teams all of which play different styles at club level.

with England for me there is a simple process that needs to be taken, 1) look at the players available and see which is the best formation to play, 2) pick the best players for that position accommodating no player because of a name and finally if possible, try to have club level contingents for familiarity. this is half the battle won when coaching international football as the coaching time on the pitch is very limited. No Manager since Sven has done this hence why we’ve been so bad..

Big Sam is the only manager i feel will take that approach as his simple philosophy is to put in place a strategy to win against the opposition based on the limitations of the players available.. – he is not Anti Football – he is not a dinosaur – he is a realist and coaches to his environment and when it comes to Identity one thing for sure… an identity that is consistent with all teams managed by Big Sam is they are hard to beat and well organised…. for Me this is the basics of what the likes of Germany, Italy and Brazil have taken for decades in which you only have to look at their tournament record.



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