‘Once bitten, twice shy’ over Bellerin; possible Pardew replacement

Date published: Tuesday 22nd November 2016 1:16

One Arsenal fan remains concerned about losing Hector Bellerin despite the defender’s new deal, while a possible replacement for Alan Pardew is discussed…

Bellerin concern

As good as this news is, it’s a case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’ for me. Cesc was the last player I can remember who signed such a lengthy deal and yet when the player decided to go, he did.

So I hope Hector is as committed for the next seven years as he is now, but we’ve learned the hard way over the years that contracts are barely worth the paper they’re written on.

I’m a lot more concerned about Ozil and Sanchez. Paper talk is that Mesut will only sign a one-year extension, while Sanchez is worryingly uncommitted to even sit down for talks.

As for praising Wenger, I’d like to see him getting the kind of top, consistent performances he should be getting out of his squad first and putting in a sustained title challenge. He has no excuses any more.

Al The Gooner


Bring back safe standing

I used to love standing on the Kippax, for me the atmosphere is clearly better as more are likely to sing and also congregate with like minded singers which helps the atmosphere. It was exactly what I used to do in mid-80’s a mid-teenager – straight to the top righthand of the Kippax and I still see faces at the Etihad of the same usual suspects. I also remember some games and situations where I was concerned for my safety because of the crush of people and pandemonium that would ensue (don’t get me wrong I was never in real concern but they thought did cross my mind)

I think that is part of why away games are better in atmosphere, as it tends to be the people that really get into supporting the side, sing and also very few people sit in their allocated seats at away games so larger ‘groups’ form.

Here in lies the problem… I can’t see the authorities wanting to step back from an environment that they have today where they can largely identify who sits in an individual seat and therefore provide ownership and responsibility to someones identity and behaviour (which is why I doubt it will come back) – ultimately it comes down to control and I can’t see that being relinquished.

Personally I’d love to go back to standing, given the choice I would buy a standing ticket every time.


Mesut Ozil: Celebrates his brilliant winner

Where’s Ozil?

UEFA have announced their 40 man shortlist for the UEFA team of the year. Joe Allen, Aaron Ramsey and Paul Pogba are nominated along with 9 other PL players, however Ozil is NOT one of them. La Liga have 18 nominations – Discuss.

The Oracle

Frank de Boer: Sacked

Pardew out, De Boer in

We have a great squad and played correctly we should have no problems but we will not beat Swansea purely because of the above. Regrettably Pardew must go because his past history has prove the pattern of our seasons and previous teams. lets not go for same old same old but take a flyer on De Boer.

Punch Metz

Alan Pardew

Give Al a chance

Ok How many out there want Pardew out? I don’t (yet) as I am not convinced we can get anyone better so maybe some suggestions. I think we should wait until January before we call for his head as he needs time to get his new game plan working whatever that is. Personally I like Pardew, he has made some mistakes as everyone in this game (as well as annoy me at times with his selection) but in my eyes his 2 main faults are by continually playing Mutch, Lee and Campbell and not promoting our youth players. The rest of our current problems lies with the senior players who are not playing well apart from Wilf. Yes if results are forthcoming then our ladder position will dictate if he stays or goes at the end of the day.


CFC celeb

Chelsea defence in safe hands

Reading the interviews with Conte after the game and he was really positive about Azpilicueta and saying how he felt that playing on the right of the back three was his best position

I have also assumed that once fit, Zouma would also be an automatic choice as part of the back three as his pace and power would add another dimension to our defending. But it then begs the question as to who gets left out?

IMO, that would be Cahill as I think Luiz has slotted in perfectly into this formation and is also a potent tool going forward and at set-pieces

Fast forward to next season and do we bring Christensen back and if so where does he fit in because I am guessing that he would want/expect first team football after having had two good seasons in Germany.

I assume that these are exactly the type of issues that all managers like to face but for me, I can see a very strong set of three at the back who are generally young enough to provide us the solidity for a good few years to come and form the backbone for continued success. KTBFFH



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