Your Says of the Day: Woodward’s future; Stones fee ‘deserves scrutiny’

Date published: Tuesday 9th August 2016 12:31

Ed Woodward: Still backed by United?

Fans discuss the summer business done by Ed Woodward and what might have been, while the fee for John Stones is scrutinised and posters relive their most embarrassing football moments.

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Woodward still the man for United?

Now that United’s main transfer target for the window has been signed, I for one hope that Woodward can cease being United’s chief transfer negotiator and that Jose Mourinho impresses on the Board of Directors the need to have an experienced football person to carry out future transfers.

Woodward stuffed up the signing of Renato Sanches – imagine Sanches and Pogba running United’s midfield. Unbelievable!

Concerned fan


I am still of the belief that Pogba wanted to go to Real Madrid but we priced them out of the deal. The player and his agent dragged the deal longer than necessary.

It’s interesting that we signed Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan, and Bailly without fuss, this is a clear indication of the pull Mourinho has because Bailly rejected City and Guardiola and Mlhitaryan rejected Arsenal – both Champions League clubs.

It’s unfair to blame Woodward for the players chosen by LvG and Moyes but is fair to blame Woodward for hiring them in the first place.

Either way, I have no interest in beating Woodward up over the past. The present is looking very bright. We have signed a proven winner in Mourinho and we have shown incredible ruthlessness in the transfer market.

Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the show.



Signed Bundesliga player of the year, Ligue 1 player of the year and Serie A midfielder of the year yet Woodward is doing a poor job?

I agree that when he first took over from Gill he was poor in the market with a combination of Moyes in that we only signed Fellaini on deadline day and Mata in January. Yet under Louis van Gaal we signed most of our targets and spent a lot of money. He’s grown into his role (albeit eventually).

Not sure what happened with the Sanches deal although I’ve read it was LvG who pulled the plug on that one. If so, Woodward can’t be blamed.

The Pogba saga is more to do with Pogba and his agent enjoying their time in the limelight and dragging the deal out so long that it became described as a saga.



I’m not sure he’s good or bad. At the end of the day it comes down to whether the club is prepared to pay the price or not. In the Fabregas saga the club haggled and haggled making low bids. It did the same with countless other players.

It was always the “no value” song. The Moyes season woke the Glazers up to the fact the team needed rebuilding and there would be no CL football without quality signings. The pursestrings were loosened and Ed got most of the targets.

This summer is similar. LvG got Pogba by missing out on top four and thereby convincing the Glazers to splash the cash.



Is £50m too much?

I think the bar has already been set. Where we signed Sterling for £44m and De Bruyne for £55m last year, and got absolutely rinsed by the media for it at every opportunity, I’m guessing £50m won’t be that much of a big deal.



@Mark_ozzy – De Bruyne was Bundesliga player of the year though and was a great buy for £55m in my opinion. Sterling is similar to Stones. Young, English with potential but for £50m you’d expect them to be a regular for their country at least.

I don’t think that overpaying for Sterling should allow City to escape scrutiny with Stones.

You always complain that City don’t get any media coverage or is it just positive media coverage that you’re requesting?



Feel for Mangala – he’s a great player and still at a reasonably young age (25) – he hasn’t been poor for Man City yet he’s being pushed aside for a player who was extremely poor for Everton last year.

If any club get Mangala for half of what he went for when he signed in 2014 (which I wouldn’t be surprised if City accepted that amount for him) then it would be superb business.

Sympathy for the Devils


A moment of reflection

I remember a game where we were 3-0 down, and I put in a rather hefty (and late) challenge that earned me a red card. My team then fought back to 3-3, and I was constantly reminded that they were better off without me.


As a youngster there was a time when I was jockeying for position defending a corner and wasn’t paying attention to where the ball was but when I did look up it was coming straight at my face so through instinct I put my hands up to protect myself. Ended up hitting my out stretched hands and going in our goal. Felt like shit after that. Can’t even remember the result.


I’m no rookie when it comes to college youth football. When I was a University student, I was playing as a centre back for my faculty team. On my biggest stage in front of 1,500 students, I missed two penalties and cost my faculty team a place in the final. That put me in a very bad mood for the rest of the year.


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