Your Says of the Day: Stunning Spurs lauded; Alexis for Liverpool?

Date published: Tuesday 19th April 2016 1:22

Alexis Sanchez: Linked with Italian giants

Also, could Eden Hazard be Chelsea captaincy material, why Jamie Vardy’s dive could have cost Leicester the title and why Daniel Sturridge is finally back to his best.

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Spurs fans purr over ‘perfect’ performance

OMG. .what a performance, what a result….ever get the feeling we are playing like champions? ?I LOVE YOU SPURS WOOHOOO…the giant has woken!!!. are next superstar.Back four are legends..Kane I love you..lamela sweet touchs..dembele you beast..I love Erik Dier. .Eric Dier loves me. .Mr Eriksson you ooze class…Llorris legend…A new dawn approaches..the mighty Spurs are back!!!!.



Stunning performance…again! You know guys, we might not win the Title this season, but there should be no doubt, that we are, by far, the best team in the Premiership.

This is without question the best team we have produced since the “glory glory” years. Fills my heart with pride. No Billy big ******* who think they’re too good to put in a shift. No one hiding when the going gets tough.

A manager respected by the entire team, who have absolutely bought in to his philosophy. One touch football that quickens the pulse. Really special times. Long may it continue.



Never been this stoked, ever, since I popped my cherry on Boxing Day 1979 with a 4-4 draw with the Saints. There’s been some decent teams, been some great teams, some exciting teams, been some absolute shite teams, but never seen a team like this one. A team that is seriously kicking butt and most of them are still in nappies. I want to adopt them all!! Lovin’ every single second of this season and already looking forward to next season.

The 64 million dollar question, who the hell to we even try to get in the summer to push on? I really can’t think of any realistic target for the 1st 11…



Amazing TEAM performance, players look sharper and fitter now than they did 3 months ago. Sounds silly but are like a machine, everyone knows there job and it’s all down to team work. They are giving everything for each other, the manager and us the supporters!!

I turn 43 this year, always dreamed of seeing a Spurs side this good but never really thought i would. My boys are young, both Tottenham mad and hopefully we can enjoy more of this over the next 5 yrs 10 yrs I hope.

What a great time to be a Tottenham supporter. My head and heart both say we can win it this year!!!

We’re coming for you, we’re coming for you, Leicester City we’re coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sturridge proving his worth to Liverpool again

Glad sturridge has overcome adversity, he was clearly the best player on the pitch against Bournemouth and now has two goals in the last three games, not to mention his clever and important contribution Lovrens goal.

He is a cut above…The only issue is finding a role in the team whist trying to find peak fitness. He’s going to have to accept that Klopp will manage his game time more for the sake of tactics and fitness…That back heel was brilliant and I think that’s his third headed goal this season which is more than Benteke!!



Vardy dive to cost Leicester the title

If Jamie Vardy’s ‘methods’ are to cheat to try to win a penalty,then why shouldn’t he be criticised? If Vardy is so good, why can’t he stay on his feet, go past the defender, and smash one past the keeper? Why is he looking for a penalty (which there’s no guarantee they will actually score)? Makes no sense.

By diving, he could have cost Leicester the title. He is their best player, and may be banned for four matches. That, in my opinion, will cost them the title, and Tottenham will win it now



Mourinho must change antics – but will be a success at United

Think Jose will be a huge success at Man United. He’s the right option for Utd, not Ryan giggs. He has everything at his disposal to return Utd to the top again. Absolutely despise the man and I was hoping we would never see him in the pl again after his behaviour last year.

Be interesting to see if he can change his antics on and off the pitch. Really strange one for Chelsea fans. If I was a Utd fan. I’d love to get Jose in

Sean the sailor


Stating a case to make Hazard Chelsea skipper

If the stories regarding Eden Hazard wanting to stay are indeed true, how would people feel about him being made captain?

It would be a bold move, but sometimes that extra responsibility and connection to the club can do wonders for a player. It could be just the thing to bring his game to the next level if he rises to the challenge.




Should Liverpool make fresh move for Alexis Sanchez

I like him, and am gutted we missed out on him, but if he’s really unhappy at Arsenal,and wants to leave, I think we should throw our hat in the ring.

Last time, he didn’t want to come, as his missus preferred London, but also probably because we had Rodgers in charge (no experience, no trophies won).

Now, we have proven quality in charge, who will hopefully win us a trophy,and attract better players in the summer. Maybe Sanchez would be more interested this time around?



Fitness issues have cost City

Samir Nasri injured again. Silva not fit. Will it ever end? At the end of the season player fitness must be the number one issue. It has cost us the league this year.



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