Your Says of the Day: Sturridge ain’t BA; Aguero ban ‘boosts City’

Date published: Monday 5th September 2016 1:20

Liverpool fans leap to the defence of Daniel Sturridge amid claims of an attitude problem, while Sergio Aguero’s absence is being tipped to help Man City claim victory at Man Utd.

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Alli impact shows why Rooney for England is finished…

I love Wayne Rooney. He has done well in an England shirt and is now joint outfield capped player and our leading scorer. However, it’s time to go.or time for Big Sam to stop picking him.

Rooney was playing in a number 10 role today but failed to support Kane, dropping into the midfield with our 3 midfielders and at one point so far back, he and Dier might as well swapped positions.

When Alli was introduced and Rooney dropped back, it was no coindense that we began to create chances. He was supporting Kane and was that link between the midfield and the forward line. We created way more when Alli was indroduced and Rooney dripped back.

Rooney should be in the squad but not a starter. Give these youngsters a chance and be brave.

On another note, why on earth didn’t Walcott go to the Euro’s. No matter what you say about him, he’s always dangerous, always looks to get in behind and was unlucky tonight with his disallowed goal.



….but how bad was Jordan Henderson?

England: Team ground out win in Slovakia

There is no doubt Rooney has been pants for a very long time and starting another thread on top of the countless ones calling for his head is rather futile.

But I am pretty surprised that no one seems to say anything about a certain Jordan Henderson who, in my opinion, has been nothing but shocking in an English jersey for just about everytime he has represented your country.

Now I am not in anyway defending Rooney, he has been **** for ages now, but singling him out when there are other players just as shite as him is rather 1 sided.

O.T Fax Machine


Liverpool v Leicester thoughts

I can’t wait for the weekend – and Liverpool v Leicester is the one to look forward to.

Our first game this season finally at Anfield with the new stand. This should be a great occasion and even better given the we will be hosting the Premier League Champions Leicester City.

We have to keep our fingers crossed that players don’t pick up any injuries and we have a good choice of players to select.

I believe we’re due a comprehensive win and it’s going to happen this weekend!



Leicester will sit deep and make it difficult for us to break them down but I think we will win.

No point playing Roberto Firmino as a centre forward against a team that sits back. Let’s play Daniel Sturrridge up top. It’ll also be a huge test for James Milner against Riyad Mahrez. Should be a very interesting game

Sean the Sailor


The new Anfield with the new stand and an even better atmosphere in the first home game of the season sets up Liverpool nicely for that first important home win of the new season.

But talk of comprehensive wins, walloping Leicester and 3 nil wins is being a tad disrespectful to what is still a very good Leicester team.

I anticipate a difficult game with Liverpool eventually claiming the 3 points.

Nine nine nine


Aguero absence a ‘blessing in disguise’

Sergio Aguero: In danger of missing Man Utd clash

Bit of a strange one, but I think Sergio Aguero being banned could work to Man Utd’s detriment – Mourinho will remember the time that Pep’s Barcelona dismantled his Real Madrid whilst playing without a recognised striker and could over think his approach, had Aguero played, we would be a little more predictable in setup.



True but I’d still rather him be playing. His scoring record against them is really good. I think he may play Nolito at no. 9 and add another in midfield.
Will we see Gundogan or Sane I wonder?



Why are the media obssessed with saying Sturridge has a bad attitude?

Daniel Sturridge: Portrayed as having a 'bad attitude'

I think the only thing wrong with Daniel Sturridge is his injury record. I’m not sure if anyone can actually name many (if any) incident that has led them to believe he has an ‘attitude’. If being unhappy about starting from the bench is ‘attitude’ then I’m all for it.

(He seems to be portrayed as a BA, Bad attitude, Baracus, but that just is not the case)

Personally speaking, I don’t want a player to be happy with being on the bench. We need as many ‘winners’ on the pitch as possible. Winners aren’t happy to be on the bench and just collect their paycheck. Furthermore, in the absence of an established goal-scoring striker, Studge is justified to be miffed at bench-warming for so long. We have too many players that need too many chances to find the back of the net.

Ultimately I’m unconvinced we’ll get top 4 this season. We have an obvious weakness at left back. A requirement for a DM. And an injury-prone top striker. So not one huge problem but a few little ones that may add up over a season to see us deprived of CL next season.

Most of the 1st teamers that led us to 8th last season, still seem to be 1st choice; which in turn will probably lead to a similar outcome again. I have a feeling we’ll do well against the big teams and not so well against the lesser ones. Either way, I’d prefer if our most reliable finisher was on the pitch to put chances away. I think there’s an over-fascination with ‘pressing’ and forgetting that’s only half the job. Let the others do the pressing and let Studge focus on banging them in. Simple….Peace



Plenty of issues for Allardyce to address with England

In the grand context of it all it is Sam’s first game and we should not get riled up and dramatic like the media do.

However there are multiple problems which were apparent yesterday that have not been immediately addressed and I would hope Sam realises them quickly before we settle into a Roy-esque way to lose games.

1. Rooney is not a midfielder. His long balls had a decent success rate but they were often to area where the player was heavily marked. He was far too deep and created a massive vacuum behind Kane of which Dier or Henderson can operate effectively. He wasn’t strong in a tackle and his general passing was terrible.

2. Kane/any striker cannot score without support. Harry was left isolated for the majority of the game and had to come deep to even get a taste of the ball and by that time, as there was no number 10 or any runners from midfield, any of his crosses were into no one, giving the ball away. A striker cannot score without decent support, that is a fact. Only when Alli came on to least put a body within the number 10 role our attacks were more frequent but by that time Kane was dejected and I can’t say I blame him. To all those who say he is not fit to wear the shirt, useless, or “if Kane can play for England so can I”, grow up and realise that no striker scores without decent support.

3. Sterling and his international form. I don’t understand how he can play well for City and then achieve a pass accuracy rate of 70.8% for England. Either the City players make him look better than he is or he doesn’t try hard enough when playing for England. The conundrum continues.

4. Henderson offers nothing. He was anonymous all game and offered nothing in defence or attack, the new Milner (who seems to be doing a decent job at LB for ‘Pool but anything is better than Moreno).

5. Chances for new and in form players. A long of of 1 player, Antonio and he didn’t even feature. I was under the impression the players like Antonio who have ability, can score/cross/offer direct play and are in form would be afforded opportunities. He would of given their LB hell, and he is great in the box for set pieces. Remove those not playing well enough for their clubs and freshen up the team sheet. Spain, Italy and the rest are quite happy to field players based on their form and ability such as the Spanish striker who plays for Bilbao, one of top scorers in the league so he was given the chance to play as a sub despite being classed as coming towards the end of his career. (Form) Giacherinni was at Sunderland, not even in the first team and was a star at the Euros for the Italian starting XI. (Unfancied club but manager knows of ability through experience and thorough scouting).


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