Your Says of the Day: Sturridge sale; Bayern make big moves

Date published: Tuesday 10th May 2016 1:52

Daniel Sturridge: Arsenal rumours refuse to go away

Bayern Munich transfer effiency is widely praised, while Chelsea fans discuss the John Terry situation and the possible sale of Daniel Sturridge is argued.

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Bayern complete impressive double swoop

Disappointing but at the same time I’ve learnt to not accept any rumours and just stick to facts so I never truly believed United would sign him until I saw him holding up a United kit at a press conference.

The positive in all of this is that Bayern will probably offload someone in the window – they have Sanches, Xabi Alonso, Thiago, Vidal, Gotze and Martinez who can all play in central areas, and it’s going to be virtually impossible to keep all of them happy. I’d gladly take Gotze, Thiago or Martinez off them. Vidal and Xabi Alonso I’m not so sure about mostly because of age and Vidal would cost a bomb.

Sympathy for the Devils


I guess Carlo has had all season to scout them, hasn’t he?

Always preferred to get your signings done before any summer tourney’s, but I’m sure we’re going to see the usual chaos rain down in the last week of August in the Premier League, with managers having a big fat wedge in their pockets….

Andy Carrol for 35 million anyone? Rooney back to Everton for a mars bar and a kebab? Sanchez and Ozil to go for 80 million and a press release stating the next stadium is almost paid for in advance? United to have the first billion pound transfer window? Spurs to sign Bale after he wins another League/European Cup double, stating he has unfinished business in the Premiership and has a man crush on Delli Ali?

Christ, I’m bored…



Sturridge to Gunners out of the question?

This is what I mean about Sturridge, and why I believe Liverpool haven’t sold him yet,or are unlikely to in the future. Basically, in my opinion, it comes down to 2 reasons:

1) He’s the best striker we have, and our other strikers have either been out of form or injured for pretty much the whole season

2) When he is fit, and does play, he scores goals and delivers.

He has a lengthy contract at Liverpool, and is reportedly on around £150,000 a week. Would Arsenal be willing to match that, given his injury troubles? I doubt it. Would Sturridge take a pay cut? Possibly, but unlikely in my opinion.

Why would he? He’s on a healthy wage at Liverpool, knows he’s our best striker, knows he is loved by the fans, knows the manager rates him (despite what’s written in the rags). All this crap about Klopp having a problem with Sturridge is just that; crap. Because of his susceptibility to injuries, he has to be nursed through games,and sometimes has to be rested,which is what has happened lately, and he’s been injury free for a couple of months now as a consequence (quite an achievement for him, in all seriousness).

Wenger may well be interested, but I think Sturridge to Arsenal is a no-goer. It just wouldn’t make sense for Liverpool to sell him to a top four rival.



It is just paper nonsense. There is absolutely no good reason why he’d leave Liverpool for us, unless he was desperate to play in the Champions Leagye next season and even then, if he’s watched us recently, he’ll know the routine as well as anyone – scrape through to the knock-out stages and then go out in the first round.

Klopp is taking Liverpool in the right direction, while we’ll be just as stagnant next season as we have been for the last 10 and if I was Sturridge, I’d stay where I was.

Just seen a Premier League table showing the top six, based on form since January – Arsenal weren’t even on it!



I wouldn’t have wanted Suarez either because anyone with half a brain knew he was looking to go to Real or Barca and would have been off first chance he got.

Sturridge must be avoided at all costs, the fact he would score more goals than Welbeck & Giroud put together merely underlines how clueless Wenger is.

The Oracle


I’m gonna go out and say it, if Klopp actively looks to sell Sturridge before assessing him over another season, that will be pretty daft – UNLESS we get into the CL and spend very big on one of the top European strikers.

Klopp just needs to give him ‘some’ assurance that he is firmly in his plans. This certainly doesn’t mean he should play every game as this will be dependent on Sturridge’s form and fitness, but just give him some confidence.

We’ll soon find out either way.



John Terry situation in limbo

Reasons why we should keep:

John is the best defender at the club and the only one who can orangise the defence correctly. John knows the club inside out, is respect throughout and is a role model to every youth player up and will be only an asset in Conte’s first year.

Reasons why we shouldn’t keep:

He has been playing every game pretty much when fit and he has been getting slower by the year. I feel this is preventing Chelsea from changing their style of play and in particular having a big affect on the team effectively pressing teams high up the pitch because John has to sit deeper and so that makes the back four sit deep and it leaves a lot of space for Mikel, Matic and Fabregas to cover when Willian, Hazard, Costa, Oscar, Pedro go pressing the ball. We have been trying to implement this since Villas Boas.



We will miss John Terry’s organisational ability, defensive nous and his leadership qualities on the pitch but you would presume Conte is more than aware of that and will presumably be looking to replace it perhaps with more than one player.

One way or other I suspect it will be official reasonably quickly following Sunday’s game.

nine nine nine


I have read a couple of articles today where JT implies that he is still hopeful of staying at Chelsea

No idea as to the accuracy but maybe Conte is giving himself as much time as possible to evaluate JT and before the weekend he probably thought he would have another couple of games to look at him. Not possible now of course so I sincerely hope that a decision is announced one way or another before the weekend for those of us attending the final game of the season.


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