Your Says of the Day: Sturridge – write him off as a bad job

Date published: Friday 27th November 2015 11:17

Daniel Sturridge: Liverpool could sell striker

Also, who will Arsene Wenger buy in January, why Leeds are missing a trick with Lewis Cook and why the only difference between Man United and Chelsea is ‘luck’.

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Liverpool must plan for life without Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge is injured again and out of Thursday’s game. This is not good for the lad.

It really does look like he does not have a career ahead of him. To be honest I think we need to plan for life without him. It’s such a pity because he is a natural finisher and excellent player but we cannot keep carrying him.

It is hard to understand the amount and type of injuries he picks up. The last two have happened in training. He seems to be made of paper.



Crocked favourites XI

Hey folks,

On the back of the recent post on Daniel Sturridge getting injured again, who are your favourite players that have either never quite hit potential due to injuries or have had careers cut short through injury? Or even, such as in Sturridge’s case, still been playing but constantly injured and so not as good as we know they should be.

Might be good to compile a best 11!

Wilshere, Sturridge, Diaby…..

Over to you ………!



Will Wenger spend – or dally around as usual?

Will he spend in January; or won’t he? I think if Wenger really wants to buy, then he will.

What concerns me is that he said a month or two ago that it would all depend on injuries. What kind of thinking is that???

As you say, you’d think he’ll buy cover for Francis Coquelin, but will he? If Mathieu Flamini has a good few games between now and then, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if Wenger doesn’t bother.

But what really baffles me is Wenger’s line that if our injury situation is good in Jan, then he doesn’t need to buy.

Leaving aside Coq’s injury for a sec, is he seriously suggesting that no injury crisis in Jan means it will stay like that until the summer? Because I know that he doesn’t believe that, so does he think he’s going to suck the rest of us in?



Boring United…or Van Gaal the genius?

Manchester United always played with pace under Ferguson. They tore teams apart on the break.

This current side are very solid at the back and De Gea is top class, but the team real lack imagination going forward.

The flair players look like they are stifled and are afraid to express themselves. They have few fast attacking players.



When LVG was in charge of the Dutch he was slaughtered by the media and fans for changing the way they play. Look were they are now.

Johnny Utah


The difference between United and Chelsea? Just luck

As dire as Man United have been this season, unfortunately the difference between us (Chelsea) and them is that they have had all the luck so far. I’ve lost count of the amount of games they have won that their performance has not warranted. Conversely, every single bad performance by Chelsea has gone punished this season.

If looking at things purely based on performances, there is probably very little between the two teams. Unfortunately though, this doesn’t change the fact that, somehow, there is 13 points separating us. A big mountain to climb for any team.



£10m for Lewis Cook is just not enough

Leeds United have reportedly put a £10m fee on Lewis Cook – but I can’t help but think the club has missed a trick.

I don’t think £10m is enough to put Premiership teams off. We got more than that for McCormack and from a team in the Championship. It just says we are willing to sell him. If they put a £20m price tag and said he is not for sale for a penny less, that might just have shown we didn’t want to sell him.



Who to replace Alli for Spurs?

Spurs played a surprisingly strong team last night , considering the game on Sunday, but a win and now we’re in. Let’s hope that doesn’t backfire for Sunday, although the silver cloud is we do have a run a “easyish” games after Sunday. 3 points from Chelsea would taste great though…

Does anybody know if Lamela is fit for Sunday? I think it’s a straight choice between him and Mason to replace Alli, with Mason a straight swap or with Lamela playing and Dembele dropping back into the Alli role…personally I prefer the second option.

My team for Sunday:
Hugo “Boss”



Grealish – all hype no substance?

I’m really struggling to see why Jack Grealish is getting so much hype.

We’ve seen a glimmer of quality but it’s few and far between and 1 goal in 27 appearances is not a great return.

Yes he’s a young lad with plenty of time to learn but as usual in football he’s been put on a big wage too soon and the lifestyle has become more important/interesting than the football.

I feel Garde has done the correct thing dropping him back to U21’s, too be honest another loan spell to the Championship wouldn’t do him any harm as he needs game time without the pressure of the media glare never mind fan expectation .

We need a bit of grit and steel on the pitch especially in midfield and sadly Jack goes missing far to regularly. I really want him to be a success but has he become something we’re all clinging to in a desperate hope he will be our saviour?



Huge January window ahead for Newcastle

All summer long fans were demanding the signing of a big domineering C.B. and a proven striker.

Instead the football brains at SJP made our past by sale date CB captain and gave him a contract extension. To compliment those wonderful decisions they spend big on lightweight players who can’t even get into the weakest team in league.

Who has any confidence in things changing in Jan?

It’s a huge window though – we need to strengthen urgently or risk relegation.


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