Your Says of the Day: Suarez at the top; Wenger for the chop

Date published: Friday 22nd April 2016 1:19

Arsene's time over?

Arsenal fans believe that Wenger’s time in charge could be coming to an end, while Luis Suarez’s heroics are hailed, and some fans debate whether football has changed forever.

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Empty seats and empty hope at Arsenal?

The Arsenal fans seemingly voted with their feet on Thursday night with the Emirates full of empty seats. Wenger is stubborn and won’t go easily and the board seem more interested in what the club deliver to their personal fortunes more than anything else.

But this could be the beginning of the end for Wenger, because the fans are the club and the bulk of the fans clearly aren’t happy with the direction that their club is going in under Wenger anymore and clubs ignore their fans at their peril.

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It would take a lot more than one match on a Thursday night….

IF he buys well? He has already said don’t expect much in the summer, and with other clubs increased spending capability it would be harder anyway, more so under Wenger.

Looks like we have to wait till end of next season and pray he doesn’t sign a new contract!



I read somewhere that some stats show that Petr Cech has indeed added at least 10 points to Arsenal this season, yet they are on course to a total no better (or even lower) than previous years, and hence are no better off than they were to start with, obviously losing any ground made up in another area on the pitch.

Arsenal seem forever to be lacking the few players they need to kick on. They either need a new spine or a big Suarez type impact signing who could almost single handedly win them a league.



Luis breaks Ronaldo record

The Brazilian Ronaldo that is. The record stood at 48 goals for Barcelona in a single season. In midweek, when Suarez scored four times (should have been five but he missed a sitter), Suarez took his goal tally for the season to 49 goals in 48 games, breaking Ronaldo’s record.

Incredible. Genius. Suarez.



So he’s equal with the legend that is Clive Allen, who also scored 49 goals in one season.

To be fair though, you would expect Luis to break that before the end of the season. Bad luck Clive!



Modern antics bringing the game into disrepute?

Football has now gone so far beyond the pale that its not capable of self regulation. Diving, gamesmanship and abusing and intimidating officials is now so endemic that people barely bat an eyelid at this disgraceful behaviour anymore.

Pundits call this play “clever” or “professional” they say things like “you would expect your centre forward to go down there” and now even the England manager is defending Vardy’s blatant example of cheating at the weekend.



It is not just football, and it is not that new. Some 30+ years ago, I played national level badminton, at that time in tournaments we had umpires but no line judges in the early rounds of tournaments.

I was told to make “dodgy” line calls on the far side and back of the court. I was told the reason we were being coached to cheat, was because the other countries were doing it. I hate this attitude.



Football in general has forgotten that a free-kick or penalty is a ‘penalty’, that is, a punishment. If you want to look for the author of these crimes then look no further than the football authorities. Tinkering about with the offside rule, the back pass rule, the tackle, and all done by foreigners trying to gain an advantage for the Latin style of play which (surprise surprise) is now dominant.

Now every time there’s a tackle everyone wants a yellow as well as a free-kick and our bloody commentators are the worst of all. I dread to think how many international games have been thrown and corrupted by bent officials over the years. Maybe the current investigations into rampant corruption at FIFA will give us a clue.

One thing we can be fairly certain of though, none of them were thrown in favour of the England team.



Fourth place debate rages on

If Liverpool can finish above West Ham, that would indicate to Jurgen and fans as to where we are which would certainly be an improvement from last season and provide a platform to improve on for next season.

Well done Arsenal and in fairness, I expect the current third and fourth occupiers along with Man United to battle it out.



I still think City will drop out of the top 4. Away trips to Southampton and Swansea could be tricky and the massive match against Arsenal still to come. Plus they have the CL too. Which competition do you think Pellegrini will focus on? Winning the CL or qualifying for next year’s CL for a club he wont be at? Utd have Leicester and Bournemouth at home and Norwich and West Ham away. Arsenal have Norwich and Villa at home and Sunderland and City away.


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