Your Says of the Day: Suarez carried Messi, Courtois con

Date published: Tuesday 20th September 2016 2:45

Luis Suarez is the world’s greatest player having ‘carried’ Barcelona and Lionel Messi, while Chelsea fans are feeling duped by Thibaut Courtois.

Conned over Courtois

So, according to reports today it appears that Courtois cried when told to return to Chelsea by Jose. The report claims he feels part Spanish and longs to return

Obviously begs the question why was he “forced” to return by Jose and why did we sell Petr…?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and at the time the logical way forward for me was to keep Courtois, however, if any part of this story is true then this is information we as fans were not aware of and surely has to be a consideration when this decision was made by the manager/club?

We could have retained Petr, who had done nothing wrong, and made a nice couple of quid on selling Courtois?


Thibaut Courtois: Keeps out Divock Origi's header

Relationship breakdown

It must be remembered that a fan, by name explains the relationship between the fan and what they are fan of. If what they were originally attracted to, no longer is there, then this breaks the relationship and leads to dislike, or frustration.

It’s the same in any relationship. Expectation from the fan, of achievement and success, with mutual commitment from the other party. However, in any interaction of this sort, it needs to be monitored from both sides, and if negativity from one party surfaces, then the other party must introspect and see if the concern is valid, then correct the cause.

Arsenal, have for many years been a “nearly-there team”. For various reasons, not making the final push for the summit. Therefore, you can understand the anger, at home games, as this is the only face-to-face venue that the manager, board AND players feel the frustrations of the fans.

Conversely, this as where they receive the accolades and adoration, when they meet their fans expectations. Believe me, although I’m not at the ground and many miles away (continents in fact) I have felt the anger and frustration, just like those at the Emirates. Both in front of the TV in my lounge and the Arsenal supporters club in Cape Town. Respect is a two way street.


Arsenal Fans


Suarez > Messi

Luis carries EVERYBODY, and that includes Messi. I too think he has been by far the best player for a while already. It was our privilege having him for those few years. And he does say very nice things about us indeed.

And even though this this thread has nothing to do with Nando, I will also always remember him fondly. He could have departed better for sure, but life’s not perfect. He gave us some good times and good memories (especially the ones involving Vidic), played for us with passion even if it was somewhat diminished toward the end.

I could never think of him as fondly as I do Luis or the one and only God, but I am glad he was once our own Golden Boy.


Suarez and Messi have formed a formidable partnership at Barca.

Club v country

I see Matip has said he won’t be going to the CAF in Gabon this year as he wants to get the best possible start to his Liverpool career after last season being interrupted by injuries. It’s nice and refreshing to see a player put club commitments first, they do after all pay his wages.

No doubt it is a massive honour to represent one’s country but should it be at the expense of your club career? Arguably many feel Schweinsteiger’s insistence on turning out for Germany while not being available for Utd is one of the reasons he has been marginalised by Mourinho and why many fans, though not all, don’t have much sympathy for him. While being Irish I understand that Robbie Keane’s insistence on doing the same has benefited us over the years it must frustrate his managers and teammates at club level to some extent.

Although a Utd fan I have to show some respect for Matip in this case.


Joel Matip: Ready for Costa an Co.


Start of the Karius era

Karius starting tonight and one wonders whether it’s the beginning of the end for Mignolet. Simon has had a good season so far but, and this may just be me, he’s looked a tad pensive, knowing full well, that as soon as Karius is fit, he’s likely playing second fiddle.

Lack of total commandment of his box and distribution will be Migs’ downfall, two areas of his game that have needed improvement over the years and regrettably haven’t developed to the level required to be a top Premiership keeper. Klopp wants the full package. He comes from a country that consistently produces excellent keepers and I believe that Tuesday could, could be the start of a new dynasty between the sticks for us.

Rob Fort Worth TX

Loris Karius: Set for Liverpool debut


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