Your Says of the day: Teixeira and Messi heading to Prem?

Date published: Tuesday 1st December 2015 11:54

Alex Teixeira: Moving to China

Also, why the storm clouds are gathering at Manchester United, why Joe Allen has no future at Liverpool and why Cristiano Ronaldo’s stats show he should win the Ballon d’Or.

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Teixeira a January must for Chelsea

Let’s talk January. Jose Mourinho said he isn’t going into the market and we all know we need someone to add goals to the team. The right quality/strikers are going to be hard to find. But who do you think is a realistic target that will improve us in the second half of the season?

Personally I would like us to go for Teixiera from Shakhtar who has scored 25 goals in 23 games all competitions. I think we should be able to get him pretty much unchallenged for a decent price.



New investment at Manchester City means Messi deal is possible

Given the $400m investment in the Group and given the investors appear to be in the TV business, Lionel Messi to Manchester City maybe doesn’t look pie in the sky!
And no debt!



Storm clouds gathering at Old Trafford

Vast numbers of supporters are unhappy.

Where our team used to play with a smile on its face (except Roy Keane), now the faces look strained and tense.

Most commentators have joined the clamour against the boredom of our football. I don’t care that we are near the top of the Premiership.

We are playing the sort of football which is totally contrary to our tradition, a tradition which made us the team to watch across the land – even though we were not the most popular with our nearest opponents.

We are boring the masses to death and if things don’t change soon the storm will break and in the eye of the storm will be the Manager. My blood boiled today when I read his open criticism of Paddy McNair for having the temerity to attack.

In a team if one man goes forward another covers but if the Manager thought Paddy was wrong, a quiet word in his ear was all that was needed.

Last week Jesse Lingard was the subject of overt criticism. These are young players with promise. Poor management I fear to go with suspect tactics, poor substitutions but worse than that the choking of flair from our football.

Big K


Bleak future for Allen at Liverpool

James Milner still has time to improve at Liverpool, Emre Can is still inconsistent and not entirely sure he’ll end up as a traditional DM, at least we know he’s not a CB, Jordan Henderson will take time to get match fit and back in form.

We’re also competing in four competitions, needless to say they won’t have to worry about being fringe players unless we’re knocked out of all cups and players are signed in Jan. The only player who should be worried is Joe Allen, who just doesn’t fit in whatever system or competition we play.

The Fulcrum


Rooting for Ranieri and Leicester

I’ve never wanted another team to finish in the top 4 as much as I want Leicester to.

I have complete respect for Claudio Ranieri and his team. I loved him at Chelsea and I love him at Leicester.

It’s just a shame Chelsea never let him continue the excellent job he was doing there, and instead chose to let a loser take all the credit…


Wenger needs to admit Sanchez mistake

Arsene knows he made a mistake with Alexis Sanchez. He’ll never admit that though. They need to look at their coaching methods. Injury after injury season after season.

As a neutral I want to see Arsenal win the league as they play attractive football and have a lot of exciting players but its like ground hog day. With the way the rest of the league is playing they wont get a better chance of winning it.

If Liverpool keep up the momentum there is nothing to stop them winning it. They’ve already played their big 6 rivals away from home.



Ronaldo stats show he should win Ballon d’Or…

The Ballon d’Or is an award for individual achievement.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most goals in Europe this calendar year (46). He was also the top scorer in the 2014/15 season, scoring 61 goals and laying off more than 15 for his teammates. Ronaldo’s powers are diminishing but these are numbers that Luis Suarez has never come close to – and that’s why the latter didn’t make the top three.

Play the ball, not the man.



…but Suarez can count himself unlucky

Yes Ronaldo scored 46 goals, but Suarez has 41 goals plus 22 assists, so to say Suarez is not close in terms of numbers is just plain wrong.

Ronaldo’s goals were worthless, when it mattered at the key moments of the season he didn’t deliver, but then he boosts his stats against easy opposition (see 5 goals against Espanyol for example).

Suarez was crucial for Barcelona’s treble, lets not forget his games against City or PSG where he was outstanding. He should have been shortlisted.




Vardy and Smalling show clubs can miss best young talent

It’s interesting that the best striker in the league at the moment (Jamie Vardy) and the best defender (Chris Smalling) have both learned their trade at non league clubs.

They have both taken the hard route to success and it’s obviously a testament to their work ethic and determination.

What I find interesting is that both slipped unnoticed through the scouting networks of the big clubs. Vardy had a spell as a youngster at Sheff Wed but they released him and you can hardly call them a big club these days, unfortunately.

When big clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal to name a few, are more and more into buying fully developed top class players, is it possible that they are not taking notice of local talent like Smalling and Vardy?

Is this maybe the reason why England has that missing generation of top players?


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