Your Says of the Day: Terry an all-time great; sell Wilshere?

Date published: Thursday 19th May 2016 2:14

John Terry: New contract signed

John Terry has a place alongside the legends of the game as Arsenal fans debate who they would sell between Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere.

Terry experience invaluable to Chelsea

Three names that have been virtually irreplaceable in world football for club and country: Franco Baresi, Poalo Maldini and Tony Adams. There are others who have played for one club but these three names stand out for me as greats from the recent modern past of Europe. All played for one club with absolute distinction.

For me, JT is up there alongside these names and a few others as possibly one of the best defenders England has produced, Rio cleaned JT’s boots in the national side, a poor man’s Terry as far as I’m concerned on the pitch.

Clubs tried to buy all three over the course of their careers but they stuck to the club they believe gave them the best chance of winning and the best life no doubt.

I remember watching JT’s debut, you could see his class, as could Claudio Ranieri.

I’m just not sure these players could survive at another club, certainly they wouldn’t bring as much to the fans. I digress because I am a massive fan of Marcel Desailly but was he as good as JT has been for us? World great defender but not on the same par as Terry… debateable huh?


Wilshere or Ramsey?

Wenger will probably sell a midfielder, but I suspect it’ll be Coquelin.

Both Rambo and Jack are in his clique of favourites, so I can’t see either one going.

However, if I had to choose, I’d sell Jack over Rambo every time.

Firstly, there’s the injuries – Wilshere is just too unreliable on that score – but I also look back a couple of seasons to when Aaron was in the form of his life. At that point, he was adding a lot more to the side and that player is still in him somewhere.

As for Jack, he’s a very good player, but world class? For me, he’s got a long way to go and would need to stay fit for at least a full season to prove that and sorry Steve, but he also has a long, long way to go before we should be comparing him to Brady.


So near, but yet so far

Four years and no trophy.

Every time we build our hopes up, our world simply comes crashing down.

Why in the life are we persisting with Mignolet and Moreno?

Seriously can’t take anymore and admittedly, I need glory. I don’t give a flying fig where we are globally. I just want trophies; something to show and something to celebrate as an achievement.

We’ve achieved nothing and I’m simply tired of BEING LET DOWN.


Planning Tottenham’s future

Here we go: A mix of youth and proven ability to challenge a show intent. Only to sign 3-4 at most of these.

Goalkeeper: None or Pickford if we decide to replace Vorm (would be a brave move)
Defence – 1 full back – Gaya/Chilwell, cannot think of RB but maybe one, not sure if we need a CB to be honest.
Centre Mid – Sane/Gotze/Saul/Diawara/ (Cannot forgive Sissoko now)
Attacking Mids – Berardi/Insigne/Boufal/Redmond/Calhanoglu/Deulofeu
Striker: Embolo/ Ibra (DREAM)/ Iheanacho (If Pep decides to bring in too many established strikers to limit his game time)

And sign Edwards to a new contract. Pritchard to get his chance next season.


FA Cup has lost its magic

As a kid growing up the FA Cup always felt like the trophy to win above any other trophy sadly the magic of the FA Cup has lessened now and the FA have helped it on its way even the 3 pm ko has gone now with Saturday’s ko @ 5:30pm.

It still has a special place in my heart though and I’m looking forward to the Final and hopefully it will be a great one.

If United win it convincingly with a bit of a performance at Wembley it will give Big Ed et Al an added problem in their seeming quandary over LVG.

nine nine nine

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