Your Says of the Day: The Jurgen effect kicks in

Date published: Sunday 18th October 2015 2:56

Joe Allen: Called 'average' and a 'waste of money'

Also Man United’s best display of the season, time for Liverpool to sell Daniel Sturridge and why Hector Bellerin is the new Dani Alves.

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All hail Klopp

One look at our line up especially Studge ruled out and I thought around 3-0 Spurs no problem. 1 fit striker, no captain and the worst defence in the Prem surely we would get zip. Not so. With 5 minutes training Jurgen somehow gelled this motley bunch and a point at the Lane with that line up is a victory. I thought Mignolet was muck? Not today. I thought our defence was a joke? Not today. The Jurgen effect kicks in. Yes yes of course I sound just like the warro talking pure tripe but I’m delighted with that point.


United’s best display of the season

The team had balance, something that we lacked against Arsenal. Compact, solid, impenetrable and lethal on the counter.. Correct decision to bench both Depay and Blind.. A lot of good performances with Martial, Herrera, Schneiderlin, outstanding… Smalling just gets better and better. Developing into a mean minded center back. So pleased for him after all the stick he got earlier in his career. Happy for Jones and Rojo. Wonderful to see Lingard given minutes, he injected pace on the wing and carried out his defensive duties well. Wilson should be given a proper chance as well. Excellent all around… Bring on City.

theMartial Art


Bellerin = the new Dani Alves / Cafu

What a right back he is. When setting up Ramsey, they way be glides past his man into the box, then had the composure to pick his pass to match Ramsey’s, run was a trait you expect to find in a attacking midfielder. He would have had two assists but for an excellent block from the Watford defender, after Bellerin had ghosted past his man and cut the ball back.

We really do have the next Dani Alves in Bellerin. In time, Bellerin will be widely recognized as the best right back in the world.



Owen’s a turn-off

I’m about to make a formal complaint to BT Sports about Michael Owen.

Who hired this guy? He’s the worst commentator known to man.

Too many stupid opinions.



Villa shooting themselves in the foot

I was at Villa’s game at Chelsea. Until the goal we were as good – or bad – as they were.

The goal was another classic giveaway with both Guzan and Lescott culpable. But these pretty tactics are causing grief and its not working.

Guzan had little to do.

Hutton and Gana did well.

Gestede won most of his headers and is improving .

Gill Grealish Ayew all inneffective – tactics ??

Westwood gave the ball away too much – I prefer Sanchez.

Lescott unconvincing – prefer Clark.

Traore won several corners but lacks adhesion.

I will say there were some disgraceful villa fans there – many just going for the conflict with opposing fans – dreadful .

We are lacking a front man who can change the game – for all his shortcomings Agbon must play.



Willian proving critics wrong

Well, we didn’t play great, but we got the win.

Willian showed once again how foolish it was of so many to right him off, and I thought him and Ramires were our two best players. JT looked a little shaky in the first half, but stepped up in the second to help us take control of things. Baba’s performance was, well, frankly worrying.

At half time I was saying RLC and Fabregas should swap around as we were losing the midfield with Fabregas deep. Ultimately, Mourinho addressed that, but in a different way than I envisaged. RLC did well in the time he had though.

Two points of interest. Well done to Soccer AMs “Tubes”, who’s seat is near mine in the MHU and who literally roused and conducted the MHU to get on their feet and sing for large parts of the second half.

Also, as I made my way west on the M4 after the game, I passed a Bentley with the registration C 10 on a Belgium plate which eventually pulled off at the Heathrow exit. I wonder who that might have been?



Sakho impressive once again

Very good start for Klopp considering Spurs form.

In parts we looked really good and spurs struggled to get near us, although a draw was just about a fair result.

Thought Sakho again proved he is our best defender and thought Clyne played well.

Shame Origi didnt get that goal which hit the bar!



Time’s up for Sturridge?

Sick to death with Sturridge now, he gets paid 150,000 a week and can’t stay fit, I would get rid of him at this point.



Bony finding his feet

Thought Bony played very well second half. He held the ball well, made some sublime passes, and his second was class.
Now we find out hes been suffering Malaria since A C Nations, which explains a lot.
Hopefully this is the start of better things – like when he was at Swansea.



LVG got tactics spot on

LvG made all the changes he should have made today. We should have played Arsenal exactly like we played Everton today.

A great team performance and a show of character to bounce back. Very, very chuffed today – our best away performance in a long while.

I am still so happy with the Martial signing, he made Coleman look like an amateur today, gliding past him again and again. Herrera showed his quality as always and the “Schmidfield” was impenetrable. Defensive changes were brilliant as well.

I think some of the detractors look silly today (the macguffin, Blacky, moral??)- like I said, the quality is there but the tactical errors by LvG made us look bad against Arsenal.

We have a crucial game in the Champions League game coming up followed by a heavyweight battle with City.

Keep the faith and damnwell support the team fellas.



Draw a good result for Spurs

People massively underestimated the Klopp effect and how his very presence lifted Liverpool’s players. If you look at the stats, Liverpool are the first team this season to out run us as a team in terms of KMs covered. For example, we covered 10 km’s more than Man City. We are a fit and aggressive team.

And whilst Klopp might not have had much time to meld his team, he did get in the squad’s faces and ask them to play more aggressively.

Liverpool aren’t totally awful and Klopp’s charisma and the “new manager effect” caused them to play at a higher tempo. Would liked to have won it but a draw is ok.


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