Your Says of the Day: The Mata at hand; assessing City draw

Date published: Wednesday 27th April 2016 12:49

Juan Mata: Cools transfer speculation

Juan Mata has caused a divide in opinion after it was revealed he would take a pay cut to stay at Manchester United, while Martial and Alli draw comparison.

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Mata offers cut-price contract

It’s one thing to say it, but if United offered him half his wage going forward and the rest would go to the fans to reduce ticket prices, would he sign on the dotted line? I for one don’t think he would – there’s too much pressure from agents for their clients to sign big contracts and earn lots of money whilst the pure desire to earn as much money as possible is too strong for nearly every person in the world.

It’s unfortunate to say but it’s true – money rules the world and will continue to do so.

Sympathy for the Devils


We’d all sign on that line, we know that, but Mata’s comments are far more welcome than the “so much pressure and we have to train all week” BS that certain other footballers have come out with over the years.

Without a wage cap, which will never happen anyway, what else do we think is going to happen? Salaries are only going to go one way and that is up!



Easy to say but why hasn’t Mata done something about it himself he could have told United to pay him half that he currently earns and told them to pay the balance to a local Manchester charity for the homeless and disadvantaged.

Everybody knows players get paid silly money look at Solanke’s allegedly looking to negotiate a new Chelsea contract at aged 18 and asking for £50k pw. Ridiculous.

nine nine nine


Agents ruthlessly are the protagonist and call the shots.

How much money does a player really need? I mean 5/6k a week; buy a car, mansion, a few nice girls, it’s all done and it seems boring to me from the same ‘norm’ I see.

Joe Cole is actually a better example when he signed for Coventry. He doesn’t really need the money, but he knows his limitations but the move wasn’t beneath him.



Anthony Martial: Has a message for Louis van Gaal

Two Premier League stars drawing comparison

Alli has performed more consistently than Martial this season. He has chipped in with big goals and generally affects the games more because he plays in a no8/no10 position. Add to that, he is playing in a very well-oiled machine at Spurs.

Martial has much more game-breaking ability and has played under the pressure of being the foremost attacking threat at the most followed club on the planet, he is top-goalscorer in a stuttering attacking outfit from the left wing.

I have no doubt that Martial will become a more impactful and important player in the future. Absolutely none, I saw him live at Old Trafford vs Everton and his talent is absolutely mindblowing – the pace he runs at defenders at, coupled with his guile cannot be coached.

Young Player of the Year was rightfully Alli’s though.



I can only base who I think is better on what I have seen. This season I have seen Alli perform very well consistently. He has scored more goals than Martial, got more assists, created more chances and also does the dirty work (although sometimes too dirty). Martial can go missing a lot and then come up with a moment of brilliance; Alli will perform for 90 minutes. I think people expected a lot more from Martial this season. Both players have huge potential and can achieve great things in their careers.

I also don’t think you can blame Sky for Alli’s inevitable ban. Yes they brought it to light, but Alli can only blame himself.



City battle for first-leg parity

Am I the only one who thinks Pellegrini got it completely wrong yesterday?

Real Madrid were missing both Ronaldo and Benzema yesterday whilst City were playing in their first semi final. The players were up for it – you could see Aguero was itching to get in the game and score a couple however he was provided very little support with Pellegrini wanting a goalless draw more than risking a win / loss.

Now Man City have to go to the Bernabeu and score (which no club has done this season in the Champions League) and will be up against a full strength BBC most likely. Oh and if Real Madrid score (which I’d bet my house on them doing) then City will need to win at the Bernabeu.

City needed a win yesterday, irrespective of how many goals Real Madrid scored. The task in hand now is not impossible, but very very difficult.

Sympathy for the Devils


0-0 at home isn’t a bad result as City are capable of scoring and a score draw would take them through which isn’t impossible.

But Real in the Bernabeau with Ronaldo probably back in the team won’t be easy and it’s advantage Real in my opinion who came with a tactical plan to ensure they didn’t leave Manchester with a mountain to climb like they had against Wolfsburg in the previous round. Had it not been for a fine save from Joe Hart, Real could have left with a one-nil away advantage.

Next Wednesday’s game should be a lot better than the first leg though, hopefully.

nine nine nine

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