Your Says of the day: Time to discuss Rooney decline

Date published: Monday 30th November 2015 12:29

Wayne Rooney: Fully behind Louis van Gaal

Wayne Rooney offers Manchester United ‘absolutely nothing’; the Diego Costa bib row is a fuss over nothing; and Arsenal players are not racehorses.

Costa kerfuffle

Seen a clip of this, and I think it’s just totally blown out of proportion.

Costa may be in a bit of a sulk, but his back was facing Mourinho so he could not possibly see where he was sitting and the bib wasn’t even thrown with any intent.

It’s like talking off a pullover when you come from home and chucking it on the couch (routine and without thinking).

Some people see and believe what they want to see and believe.

Nothing sinister in that for me.



Wenger hurting Arsenal

I go jogging, and sometimes my legs feel ‘heavy’ if I do it too frequently. Its called muscle fatigue, and anyone who partakes frequent physical activity will suffer it.

Professional footballers biology is no different than yours or mine. So I understand fully why players feel jaded or off the pace. I know how their legs and bodies must feel ached and strained, and I understand why they look slow and lethargic.

Especially players like Sanchez who plays every game at high tempo for both club and country. He literally needed an entire week off. He recovers, and comes back fresh and ready to go. Thats what Wenger also doesn’t understand, that if he gives a player a break, they come come fresh and raring to go.

Wenger treats players like a work horse, he works them till they break down.

So for this year’s, Wengers tactics and rotation of the squad has been below par. I would say that Wenger has under-performed in his role as manager.



Lovren loves talking

It’s the voice of Anfield again. Has someone made this guy captain? Always in the media hyping himself up. Pleas elet one of our more senior and consistent players speak up until you’ve earned some respect Dejan. A few clean sheets doesn’t mean you’re respected.



LVG sussed

LVG’s philosophy is to not lose at any cost the total opposite of Fergie’s win at all costs mentality. His idea of not losing at all costs is to keep possession of the ball as much as possible even to the point when it’s unecessary as long as it stops the opponent not having the ball thus not enabling them the opportunity to create chances. He then relies on two or three gems upfront to produce a piece of magic to get a goal enabling them to go on and control the game with more meaningless passing waiting for the opposition to get tired and seeing if they can nick another goal on the way to a win. Problem is LVG doesn’t have the two or three gems like he with the Dutch, Barca, Bayern and Ahax sides he needs to make his philosophy be successful at present which is mainly his fault as first he kicked out Di Maria and then signed Depay as replacement who is worse plays slow Rooney and Mata and is making Martial look like a worse player every week. The only positive thing I can take from LVG’s philosophy is that he has taught a squad of players how to control a game which might work wonders for the next manager may it be Giggs or another who will hopefully keep that part of the LVG philosophy but release the players from their constraints and give them more freedom to express themselves like we have seen at his previous big clubs who were very successful a short while he left.



Ranieri was Abramovich’s best boss

I know we’re not even halfway through the season yet but I just wanna take this opportunity to praise Ranieri. He’s done a tremendous job so far exceeding expectations and keeping Leicester at the top of the table.

We get one random team every year that punches above their weight and flirts with the top 4 before sliding away in Feb/March, but I’m sincerely rooting for the Foxes to maintain their form to the end.

Ranieri has so much character and personality, he’s a very likeable guy and his teams play with belief and flair, it’s no wonder they’re defying the odds.

He was the same at Chelsea. It was a joy to watch his interviews there and he led them to their strongest league finish in 50 years. He would’ve obviously clinched the title for them, but sadly Abramovic decided to grant that honour to a dishonourable man instead.

He is easily the best manager Chelsea have had during their billionaire era, yet he was the most unceremoniously dumped. He could’ve been an absolute legend for them and everybody would’ve loved Chelsea in the process.

Their loss is Leicester’s gain and I personally wish them every success…



Rooney ‘offers absolutely nothing’

So did LvG finally get fed up with Rooney’s performances or was he just mixing it up a bit?

Either way Utd fans finally saw him being dragged off for yet another poor shift. Scholes was wrong not to criticise Rooney and claim it’s a lack of service as it’s clear that’s not the problem. Rooney offers absolutely nothing. He can’t pass, he can’t shoot, he can’t dribble, he can’t create space, he can’t lead.

How better were we when he went off and Memphis came on?! It’s clear that Memphis should be played upfront. He was good against PSV there and good yesterday. If like to see him and martial given a run together as a partnership.

Fergie knew what he was doing by phasing him out.

Imagine if LvG ‘rests’ Rooney next week against west ham and we go on to win 4-0. LvG would have a big decision to make…



Adebayor to Chelsea?

Right before I slated. Adebayor I really don’t think would be a bad January signing for us. I’m not talking about long term but a short term fix. When I say short term, I mean a six month contract. First thing, he’ll be a free transfer. Second thing, he’ll perform. Normally Adebayor performs when he arrives at a new club and it’s only after he’s offered a new long term deal that he becomes a liability. Thirdly, he won’t be cup tied, domesticly or in europe. Fourthly, it stops us panic buying. He’s a proven goals scorer, holds the ball us and will bring players into the game. If we can bring him in on a six month contract, I’m all for it.



Leeds ‘worse than the worst’

Back to back defeat by the worst teams in this division. We are worse than the worst. Barn-door Wood is the worst striker since Billy Paynter. How we paid one million quid for him is the puzzle of the season! Never seen a Kiwi footballer worth of attention and he is of no exception. Slow, lethargic, not tracking back, poor skills and little instinct in front off goal. Cellino is right to plan a promotion next season, from League One



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