Your Says of the day: Time to go, Pellegrini

Date published: Wednesday 25th November 2015 12:28

Manuel Pellegrini: No room for error

Manuel Pellegrini should be axed by Manchester City; re-signing Ronaldo is a no-brainer; away fans being fleeced; and Pele good, Maradona better, George Best.


Time’s up for Pellegrini

Sorry lads (and I know this will split opinion) but Pellegrini has definitely run his course. To a lot of people’s surprise he was given a new 2 year contract at the end of last season after winning nothing but we all know it was because Pep Guardiola insisted he would see out his current contract with Bayern Munich and would not be available until the end of this season. I must admit that even after witnessing some very strange team selections last season (not starting James Milner for example) and being irritated by his stubborn insistence of not making any tactical substitutions until after 60 mins, I came to the same conclusions as the powers that be and give him one more chance to prove me wrong? Now after being astounded by some of his decisions this season… 1) taking Aguero off the field after scoring 5 goals for fun against Newcastle (6 would have broke the record) for what in his own words was “a precautionary measure” just before an international break? 2) Substituting Bony with Navas (who cannot hit a barn door) after 25 mins in our goalless draw at Villa when Iheanacho was on the bench? 3) Resting key in-form players like Otamendi & Fernandinho returning from South America instead selecting French players (understandably still in a state of shock) after the atrocities in Paris for the Liverpool game insisting he always plays our strongest team? There are many more ‘mistakes’ which I’m sure some of you remember but continually ignoring the young players like Iheanacho, Denayer, Garcia etc coming through our academy is inexcusable IMO! Maybe the above is stating the obvious but someone had to say it! Cheers!



Firmino on fire

I think everyone is being a little unfair to Brendan Rodgers regarding Firmino. He is a young lad who didn’t speak the language and was new to the Premiership and who got injured against Carlisle, so no, Rodgers didn’t get the best out of him, but there were reasons for that. I think another reason Firmino is now looking so good is that he has a Coutinho alongside him who is on fire, as opposed to the Coutinho of August and September, who was awful.

Hightown hope


City mismanaging Aguero?

Aguero is his matchwinner. It’s no wonder Pellegrini rushes him back for games. Without him, their forward options are Bony and Iheanacho (Sterling can play there as well I suppose). For the money they have spent on their squad, they should have more than 3 strikers in there. I posted the other day that to let Jovetic, Dzeko and Negredo go, and then not replace them was very shortsighted and risky



Ozil and Sanchez carrying Arsenal

I know I posted about these guys just a couple of days ago, but they were the stars once again last night. Of course, they’re both world class and you’d expect them to be among the best performers on the pitch in most games, but no one came remotely close to them against Zagreb.

While we’re all worried about how we’re going to cope without Coquelin, we’re just as reliant on these two. They were outstanding last night, but it’s easy to forget who the opposition were. Until we scored, it was clear that Zagreb were prepared to just sit and defend and the dynamic duo were the only players out there with the guile to get through.

That’s why Wenger either needs to sort out our injury problems once and for all (not looking likely really, is it?) or stop coming out with nonsense about how he’ll only buy in January if we still have a lot of injuries.

Just gotta mention Campbell – that was his best performance for us so far and, just as he’s finding his groove, the poor guy will probably get dropped to make way for Rambo. Then again, wasn’t it great to see our Welshman back?

We shouldn’t even be in the position where we need to better a 3-2 win in Greece, but with Ramsey and hopefully both Theo and Ox back for Olympiakos, we could actually still do this.



Re-signing Ronaldo a no-brainer

You know what? Even if we spent £70m on CR7, we would recoup that back within a few months due to shirt sales. He is a cash cow! Not to mention he has at least 2-3 years left at the very top! A must buy, in my opinion. Prodigal son and all…

PS: Think of the attraction to other TOP players to the club with CR7 in our side. It’s a no-brainer.



Spurs should seize upon fine start

What a season it has been so far – full of potential and I cannot believe we are only 4 points off the top spot as we start the December programme. However we need to make a couple or purchases in January to give us that extra edge. To use a cliche – we need to strike while the iron is hot. A striker is needed – if Kane gets injured we are not light up front but thread bare. I believe we need a full back also as, I know Rose has had a few good games but I still think we are lacking at left back. I think our midfield is good/great so we should be ok there. These signing would, of course have to fit into MP’s much-talked-about philosophy – young, high energy/pressing and definitely no big egos….

Looking forward to good times ahead




Pele good, Maradona better, George Best

Great player, absolutely brilliant natural talent.

George Best created the notion of the United no 7 shirt having such gravitas in the first place. Gone before his time because of the sauce but he still gave us the magic on the pitch.



Fleecing away fans

The tickets for our game at Leeds have just gone on sale: £42 on the day, £37 buying before the match day; concessions over 60 £25. While Leeds supporters in the same stand pay £25 for adults.
Our club Preston charge the same for home and away supporters which I think fair.

Needless to say a lot of our supporters not be attending the game unless the Leeds rich board off directors change there pricing policy to the same as the Leeds home supports.



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