Your Says of the Day: Time to write off Sturridge?

Date published: Friday 22nd January 2016 3:05

Daniel Sturridge: Liverpool striker injured again

Daniel Sturridge is compared to a former Manchester City wonderkid whose career was curtailed because of injuries, while Jesse Lingard is the best of a bad bunch. 

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Have Liverpool fans written off Sturridge?

Klopp appears to be slowly running out of patience with Daniel Sturidge. Such a pity for Sturidge, to be honest, I am not sure really what to make of all his injuries, with Klopp almost insinuating that some could possibly be in his head and he should put the pain aside? He is a top striker but where is he heading?

A few seasons back we had a lad Michael Johnson, remember him? A real talent in midfield for a season or two, then he got plagued with mystery illnesses. Dropped out the first team, had drink problems and then retired in his early 20s. Perhaps he is happy now? But if does seem such a waste of a talent and opportunity. I am not saying Sturidge is going down the same path but its worrying if his manager is implying he could try harder, I hope he sorts himself out. What do LFC fans think of his injuries are some in his head? and does he have a future at Liverpool?

Mancity Jim


Lingard not good enough – but LVG’s the best option

Lingard may not be good enough but he is a better option than Mata in this current line up. The reason why he plays is because of his off-the-ball running and pace on counter attack. He ain’t going to do much with the ball but if you notice he tries to get in the box from wide areas when he doesn’t have the ball so we have more men in dangerous areas and creates space. Memphis and Mata have not done much this season to deserve a place in starting line up. I don’t think Lingard should be anywhere near our side but he does better than Memphis and Mata. As for Perreira, number 10 or number 8 is where he should play, no point playing on the wing, he isn’t that type of a player.



Ten years of Theo

Guess it’s a sign of the times that players no longer seem to get testimonial games.

Wasn’t too long ago that a testimonial was a given for any player spending ten years at one club. Of course, until recently, even the best players would find themselves retiring in their 30s, with no other job skills and nowhere near enough money to last them either.

Now, money isn’t a problem – the top players could retire and live on just one year’s wages, but it’s incredibly rare for one player to spend ten years of his professional career with one club.

So I’d just like to congratulate Theo on his tenth anniversary with Arsenal. It’s true, his injuries have seriously hindered his time with us and it’s hard – for him and us – when you think about what might have been.

Amazing that, age wise, he’s only just reaching his peak years, so if he shows the loyalty I hope he will and stays relatively injury-free, we could still get a lot of good seasons out of him.

But it’s a real sign of the times that in the reports I’ve read mentioning Theo reaching his landmark, not one has even brought up the subject of a testimonial – even just to say that he won’t be getting one.

Just an afterthought – perhaps the Arsenal hierarchy are still embarrassed about Tony Adam’s testimonial and want to avoid the subject. No offence to Palace, but this was Mr Arsenal.



Sanchez must start

Alexis Sanchez has been out for more than he should have been because Wenger is too afraid to play him. He has been training for two weeks now. Could have been the difference for Stoke game, and should be the difference for the Chelsea game. I consider the last two games as a failure, considering we are challenging for the title. Alexis has to start, but knowing Wenger he will not.

the specialone


Another Chelsea mistake

The Times confirm that Chelsea failed to put in a sell on clause into the deal with Everton for Lukaku.

No surprise.

Emenalo again?

nine nine nine


Reds in Florida for Teixeira

I really hope they come back to Liverpool with this lad, and it’s not a repeat of the Konoplyanka scenario. Fingers crossed. I can’t help feeling that we will mess this up at some point though.



Pochettino can buck the trend

Personally, at this present time I believe that we have one of the better managers, AND, once he can get rid of all the dross the previous managers brought in, then I am sure that Spurs will do well with him and do justice to our new stadium when we move in. We’ve all seen some managers do OK but not consistently enough, just the “odd season” and then back to mediocrity. We need to be an established top four side when we move into the new stadium and be challenging for trophies EVERY season and it’s about time.


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