Your Says of the Day: Uncertainty over Griezmann; Ozil criticism

Date published: Thursday 3rd November 2016 1:09

There is concern over whether Antoine Griezmann should be the first £100m transfer, while Mesut Ozil still has room to improve.

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Griezmann not worth the risk

It’s reported today that Chelsea ‘will push United all the way’ for £100m Griezmann.

It’s a bit unsettling given our history with expensive proven starters. Honestly I’m a huge fan and admirer of Griezmann, but I wouldn’t be too keen for us paying that amount for a player however proven they are.

Not world-class yet

Mesut Ozil: U-turn?

Ozil has certainly impressed his major doubters up until now this season.

The thing is that that position simply demands a goalscoring attacking midfielder along with his creativity for the system we play in.

Ozil not only managed to score his first career hat trick in a competitive game, but he is getting himself into better positions especially making runs in behind the defense.

I have one criticism of him, there are some chances where he gets and he scuffs it so poorly it really makes you wonder “Wow,did that really happen”.

Like his chance where Alexis put him through against sunderland or his chance in the early stages against Ludogorets.

I also tend to reserve my judgement, there are a lot of big games coming up and the season is far ahead.

Goals is something he’s always been lacking from his locker, alongside winners.

If he can manager a goal tally of even 13-15 goals it would be a fantastic tally in the PL for him! Again we’ll just have to wait and see, and then we can announce him to be the world class player we’ve all been so hesitant to say he is.


Xhaka worth the money?

Granit Xhaka: Qualities talked up by Wenger

Which begs the question as to whether our underused £34million man can be trusted to play in this game. Going into this fixture after the mid week games and the respective injury issues surrounding The Spuds Arsenal should win but with a loose cannon in the side it could blow up in our faces.

Wenger’s selection could be interesting. Of course if the manager has doubts about the player’s ability not to get sent off you have to ask was he worth buying?

The Oracle

Going loco for Bakayoko

Tiemoue Bakayoko

I doubt we’ll buy in January but Bakayoko of Monaco would be a great start before anyone else moves in and gets him. Big, strong and quick and with no little technique, he’d be the man to do the job Schneiderlin never has. That’s the problem, we still haven’t got anyone to do that dirty work in the middle third.


United exodus?

Marcos Rojo: Yet to feature this season

When we have a look at the players at OT who are either too old or not up to standard, then there are a large number of players who can be described as ‘surplus to requirements’. These players have no future at OT and should be sold.

So who are these players, bearing in mind that not everyone one would agree with another’s opinion?

How about Jones; Schneiderlin; Schweinsteiger; Rojo; Young; Valencia; Depay for starters.

Others might say include in that list Carrick; Blind; Mata; and Herrara.

How realistic would it be for JM to sell off most or all of those players in January and then the summer window?

My opinion is that if those players mentioned in the first list were to go in January then two MFs, a CB, and a RB would be needed as replacements. Would it be reasonable for UTD to sign 4 quality players in a window that is not noted for the signing of ‘quality’ players?

A far as the second list goes, is JM really going to sell these players by the end of August? I don’t think so, because the number of players needed to replace them would not be available, and would the money be available to spend?

There’s plenty of rumours around about who might be signed in firstly January and then the summer, but I just cannot see a mass clear-out.

This may be necessary, but it won’t happen.


Fearing the worst

Danny Ings: Facing several months on sidelines

I really don’t like to admit this out loud but I fear for his career. Treatment for these types of injuries have come a long way but you have to wonder what;’s going on here?

I’m hoping that this injury is simply a result of Ings favouring the other leg a lot more in fear of another setback.

That would give me some hope that he may still be up to it physically, once he recovers fully. . . but the psychological fallout from this will be devastating for him. He has to work for and hope to recovery physically but you’re also looking at a mental recovery.

Mr Makaveli

Man City on their guard

Sergio Aguero: Played key role for City

Given that we’ve been here many times before in terms of City following up an excellent performance with disappointment it’s only right to be cautious ahead of this weekend.

The Boro has done well on occasions this season including four points from the last two games and it wouldn’t be too unreasonable to expect a 0-0 or even worse especially if you have cup half empty instincts.

However hopefully we can keep the show on the road so that this game will signal how far we’ve learned as a side and recovered after the earlier flat spell.

Surrey Blue

Bring back Berba

Dimitar Berbatov

So Berbie is indicating there is still some life in those legs yet…never the quickest of players on the ground but more than made up for it in his head.

I’d take him back at the Spudz, could teach our miss-firing strike force a thing or two about unlocking a stubborn defense that’s for sure…a great impact sub!


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