Your Says of the Day: United fans unhappy; Will Rafa stay?

Date published: Thursday 12th May 2016 2:02

Manchester United: Failure at Upton Park leaves fans feeling blue

Manchester United fans believe nothing good will come of Sunday, plus Rafa Benitez’ future and Liverpool’s last-gasp equaliser discussed.

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Will Rafa stay another day in the North East?

I think he might. A massive job needs doing there,and Rafa might relish the challenge. I’d normally say in this particular situation (relegation) that a lot of the squad will be broken up, but with Newcastle, I’m not so sure. Are their players really good enough to be coveted by other clubs? The odd few maybe, but the majority? Not for me.

Rafa actually has a decent spine to the team. Tim Krul is a pretty good keeper, Lascelles has been brilliant for them of late, Wijnaldum is a very good player, Townsend has been their best player since Benitez came in,and up front, well, Cisse and Perez are probably the best of a bad bunch,but will probably score regularly in the Championship if they stay.

That gives Rafa a good base to work from, once he starts trimming the fat from his squad and gets his squad looking the way he wants it. If he does stay, it’ll be intriguing to see how he gets on,as he obviously has no experience of working in the Championship at all, and it is a very difficult league to get out of.

Benitez is blameless for their relegation, but I think, if they can convince him to stay, it will be a real coup for them,as no doubt he’ll be coveted by clubs in a better position than Newcastle are at the moment. I really hope he stays and gets them promoted. Whether he will, time will tell, but it’ll be interesting to see how the situation develops there.



If Rafa stays then I think it will be 2-3 years as there will be a mass exodus of at least 15 players and he will need time to then to rebuild the squad he wants. Our wage bill of utter crap will cripple the club and it won’t be sustainable plus we need a bigger squad of players who will give their utmost to graft through the season in the Championship.

Without Rafa my guess is 4-5 years out of the top flight. The other thing is that the academy is up the creek without a paddle. Barely any youngsters are pushing through to the first team.


I doubt Rafa will stay at Newcastle. I would imagine his agent telling him things like “there’s the Valencia and Ajax jobs”, or “you’re better than this Rafa”, or “what if it doesn’t work out? who will employ you after?”.

I can see the potential challenge for him but I think the risk to his career outweighs it.


Late Liverpool goal protects optimistic mood

Hopefully that awful performance was down to us thinking about the final, A few players drifted out of the game, our shooting was appalling. Coutinho at the moment is very poor, & finally come on admit it if it wasn’t for Mignolet we would have lost at least 3-1.

Mignolet has been very good recently, I would like to tell him that if you made saves like you did in this match, beware, because if you make one mistake the natives will want to boil you.


Made up for Ojo creating the equaliser. I would be as harsh as some on Sturridge I just thought he showed good in game management he was drifting into areas of space, he had none in the centre and the Chelsea CB’s didn’t push up high enough to give him space in between them and the goalkeeper to be able to run onto through balls. I also thought Chelsea put in a very good performance.


I can’t remember when I saw so many misplaced passes. Barely a tackle was offered all night…it was patently obvious that they all had next Wednesday on their minds, but I have to say it was a little disappointing. Hazard’s goal looked better than it actually was, as all he had to do was dribble round the static training cones and shoot. Nice finish admittedly, but no-one tried to get the ball off him!

Still, I assume they all avoided injury…it’s just a shame that now we will have to win the final to get European football next season. It would have been nice to secure it through a league position as well.

Hightown hope


United’s slim top four chances fail to excite fans

We shouldn’t have had to rely on a win at West Ham, nor on Swansea beating City on the last day – we lost waaaaaaay too many points to weaker opposition that should’ve been won, it’s our fault if we don’t make it.

I can see us beating Bournemouth at home but City will either beat Swansea or at most a draw, can’t see them bottling it like we did.

Sympathy for the Devils


I’m not sure it matters. I won’t feel like celebrating scraping top four thanks to a rival slipping up and certainly not when I later hear LvG talking about how its evidence of our progress, And then there is the prospect of our struggling against European minnows in group stages.

The club needs a wake up call. I think both ourselves and City will scrape wins.



The last game should be boycotted by the fans to be honest just to show how much we think of the team and Louis van Gaal. Any lap of honour should be met with boos and labelled a lap of dishonour instead. Pellegrini’s speech the other day was to an almost empty stadium, so should LVG’s.


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