Your Says of the Day: United must ignore Mourinho

Date published: Monday 25th January 2016 2:51

Jose Mourinho: Reflects on Ryan Giggs' departure

Manchester United have bigger problems than Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho certainly is not the right man to come in. Also, Klopp’s celebration and Spurs for the title?

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No to Jose

Based on Mourinho previous success it sure looks a no brainer to have him as a manager. A closer look at the man and his recent disaster at Chelsea, the risk of destroying Man Utd global brand is too large to take. SAF, a dear friend of Mourinho couldn’t influence the board to take him, you know the baggage and the negativity surrounding this man isn’t worth the hassle. Moreover, he has just destroyed the team he assembled worth over £300m. He blamed his players, the tea lady, the ball boys and of course the referees. He can even cook up a conspiracy theory when his team isn’t winning.

Mourinho’s football philosophy is slightly a newer version of LVG. Both have and no entertainment value. what Mourinho does is get very rich clubs to pay him loads of money, hire very good players, and then he tells them to DEFEND, ALL OF THEM, and relies on the individual talents, something he has no clue how to nurture, to get a goal now and then!

The English media floated the idea that Chelsea players didn’t give their all for Mourinho to mask weakness in Mourinho’s football philosophy. he doesn’t buy or sell well, there are so many stories of players he sold, bought back, etc. I mean seriously, he sold de Bruyne! without EVER giving him time to play

He is horrible with the press, paranoid, narcissistic, attacking the federations, owners, referees! he should first get the right medication and some psychological help! Seriously, he is in total meltdown, isn’t that obvious?

United should consider Pochettino, Ranieri, Simeone, and even Pellegrini. No no to Jose

theMartial Art


United have bigger problems than LVG

There is something fundamentally wrong with the club and it has nothing to do with LVG or any other manager. Firstly I believe its time for LVG to go. There is nothing extra he can offer to the club. We have seen all he has to offer and he did not even scratch the surface of what fans expect from a club this size. I think he himself understands this.

However I still remember so many of us including me getting excited when Moyes was sacked and a man with golden balls appointed. Yes Moyes was the wrong candidate, however we appointed a supposed safe hands and 18 months after, 250m spent, we are in a worse position and in a mutinous mood. The academy is lagging behind other top clubs, it has been since 2009. There is no coherent transfer strategy apart from Ed looking for Galacticos. There is no planning and for the first time since the Glazer take over, fans are disconnected from the club. The problem runs far deeper than changing managers. We can appoint Pep, Jose all we can. who says we wont be up in arms again in 18 months like we are today? Are we doomed after SAF? Is long wilderness stay beckoning?

The rot at the top in the club is staggering and its sad. There is no cohesion, long term strategy on the playing side is nearly zero. The only strategy i see is making money at the expense of trophies. LVG will surely go because he has been an unmitigated disaster in every ramification, but what happens next? What is the recruitment policy? Who is the football man among those taking football decisions for the club? The behind the scenes planning is what will determine if the next manager succeeds or otherwise.

The league is competitive now, every club has money, can buy good players and pay good wages. The manager of any top club has to earn his pay now and meticulous planning and right strategy in terms of recruitment with the right manager is the way to success. Do we have the tools and personnel at the top?



Make or break for Wenger

Wenger has to carry the brunt of the blame if we don’t win the EPL this year and it all centres around his transfer dealings or lack of. Getting Cech was great business and Wenger gets all the credit for that. However we have all known that the BFG is just not good enough, his lack of pace kills him as it did against Chelsea – if I’m the opposition CF I’ll play off him all day.

Wenger just doesn’t do enough in the transfer market – last year he bought Gabriel (who I rate) but he only uses him as cover for Kos or BFG – why not buy a CB who you genuinely believe is better than the incumbents. Hopefully Elneny is not another example of penny pinching, however if he can’t replace Flamini, especially after his performance today, then you have to question why we bought him. To end on a more positive note it was great to see Sanchez running freely again – we need him fully fit to supplement Giroud who I don’t think is top drawer striker but he’s the best we got. Here’s a thought, we could have bought Charlie Austin for the price of Elneny – Giroud is a better striker is his spot is under threat.



Could Spurs really win the title?

I’m starting to get this awful feeling that we will finish below Spurs. That’s bad enough but what if they actually win the PL. My life will be ruined, a fate worse than death. But could it happen?

Roger Kint


Pato problem

Pato on loan?.What difference does that make from the other option of buying him at rock bottom price? In both cases the acquisition is ‘cheap and nasty’ and unnecessary! FFS, the club might just as well nip over to Brighton Pleasure Beach and ask to borrow one of those four-legged long-eared beasts giving kiddie rides! Seriously, if I was an up and coming striker at the club and sees the club would rather take a chance on some ‘clapped-out has been’ rather than promote someone already at the club and give him a chance, it says my prospects here are bleak and I’ll need to move away to progress my career



Keep Hiddink

Massive win and a massive goal for Costa. I don’t know what has Hiddink done to him, but he seems like a new signing. Equally thrilling is the form of Fabregas, he was running the show today and has been doing that in his last five matches. Oscar is hit and miss at the moment. What a player we have in Willian!  Next is Hazard. If Hiddink can work his magic on him we will be fine. Why would you want another manager? Let Hiddink finish this rebuilding job.


Chelsea deserved victory

I’ll be the first to congratulate Chelsea for their win.

They came at us and were easily on top right from the get go. We never really got going.

I thought they couldn’t possibly beat us without contentious decisions going in their favour but I have to admit the Costa decision was correct, unfortunately for us.
Fabregas was particularly excellent!

Hopefully Wenger will pick the team up and get them back into form asap.



Klopp joy

I know supporters of other teams will ridicule Klopp but do I give a flying f***? NO. as an LFC fan I was so happy to see him joining in the celebrations with the whole team when we got the winner that I’ll willingly pay his Specsavers bill for a new pair of glasses, what fan wouldn’t want to see their manager being so exuberant? YNWA JFT96

scouser in exile

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