Your Says of the Day: Van Gaal ‘has lost it’ at Man Utd

Date published: Thursday 29th October 2015 1:17 - Rob Conlon

Louis van Gaal: Manager has "lost it" according to one poster

Also, Jose Mourinho’s technical issues, Sepp Blatter summed up in a poem, relief at Klopp’s first victory and Manchester City’s new star.

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Van Gaal out

I take no pleasure in reiterating this point but this is a competition we should have gone all out for especially considering Chelsea and arsenal are out of it. OK maybe we did, then what the hell is going on! This man has lost it, why play Wilson for just one half, give him a chance for god sake. The tactics are so poor, too safe, too regimented, no fun or freedom of expression in it. Rooney is not playing well but to be fair these tactics stifle him even more. He is a street footballer who relies on working hard and wanting the ball. He’s now told not to look for it just stay in position, that’s not his game. I mean this, get lvg out before there is HUGE fall out from that dressing room, we cud lose herrera rooney mata and memphis in the next 18 months if this spoofer stays!


Computer says no

Well Jose doesn’t have a plan. He is just drifting from one week to the next hoping something happens. I dont call dropping Hazard then playing him the next game a proper plan to rejuvenate him. Rather, it seems like a tactic similar to restarting your computer if it freezes. Ill just drop Hazard for one game, then pick him again and just see if that fixes him.

Jose doesnt know what do to, his team has gotten away from him and its being reported Pedro is already regretting his decision to leave Barcelona. That was another attempt by Jose to reboot Chelsea – signing a new player to add a dimension to the squad. That didnt work.

Jose is trying all these reboot tricks, trying to troubleshoot Chelsea, and they are all failing.

Jose’s bigegest fear is the media catching on, to the fact he doesn’t know what he is doing. Yes thats right, he doesnt know. All these fans and pundits saying ‘Jose will turn it around’ – I dont think he will. I think Chelsea will get better, as any worse means they drop into relegation places. But I think Chelsea will not be playing CL football next season. I think the nightmare season will continue and Chelsea will finish end up finishing between 10th-6th.


Blatter’s brass neck

I don’t think there’s been anyone in the history of the world with so much neck. He actually thinks he’s done nothing wrong, he’s so powerful that whatever he does is right. Sort of reminds me of that confused ‘but I’m invincible’ look Ceaucescu had on his face when they carted him off to be shot.

I knew or hoped, that day when they did the obviously-crooked vote, that clearly publicly humiliating the British PM and heir to the throne – and enjoying it – would come back to haunt him like this.

Bide your time, a little favour from the Americans – Shelley’s poem Ozymandias summed up beautifully. ‘Look on ye mighty and despair’


Klopp off the mark

I thought that was a decent game. Considering Brannagan, Randall and Texeira were making their full debuts.
Texeira excelled even though he was a bit sloppy to begin with. Bogdan also impressed me, he seems like a excellent number 2 keeper. Hopefully he can challenge Mignolet for the first spot.

What concerned me though was the lack of creativity from midfield. To begin with the only one making any moves was Texeira, thankfully Lucas provided a better range of passing when he was introduced.

Origi is beginning to grow on me, I like him down the right flank, he is providing goals from that position, something we need at the moment and I would take him over Ibe as a winger. Ibe though had his best game for a while, he was relentless in his effort to beat his man and got the better of him on a few occasions. But of the two, Origi got the better end product, I would stick with him out wide when we got our strikers back.

Texeira was man of the match for me.


A new star at City

It really is time that City started giving our youngsters a real chance in the first team as Iheanacho and Manu Garcia proved tonight! MOM performance from Nacho against Palace and I think Pellegrini might be tempted to have a rethink in January and name him as 1 of the 17 foreign players eligible for the Champions League especially if all the injuries continue? As we all know Aguero and Bony are injury prone and if we do manage to progress to the latter stages of the Champions League we may well need 3 proven strikers or risk going out through lack of firepower. As far as I’m concerned if you are good enough you are old enough!


Happy Hammers

what exactly will people SUSS out, the fact that he is calm and a good manager with a squad full of players better than most in the league, thats no secret thats a FACT, we may not finish where we are the minute but that does not take away the fact we have beaten Arsenal,Liverpool,Man city,Chelsea, who else in the prem will do that this season!!!! COYI in Bilic We Trust!!!!

billics revolution

Villa concerns

it seems our dismal board of directors want any manager as long as he is french .

whoever we get will have to perform miracles to keep us up , its a long way up from bottom.

most of our new players are bottom six level at best .

exceptions are grealish , hutton , guzan , gana and possibly gill , adama , crespo .

will the owners stump up for a proven striker ?? i doubt it .


Pardew doubts?

Not sure I agree about Gayle as he proved his worth feeding off Murray and he could do it again with the likes of Austin but Austin alone is not enough. What’s the point of having youngsters if he is frightened to use them. At the moment Pardew is messing around with our defence, we would never have let in 5 in the past.

Punch Metz

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