Your Says of the Day: Wenger has lost it, Moyes out of his depth

Date published: Tuesday 23rd August 2016 1:43

Arsene Wenger is ruining his legacy at Arsenal, while Wayne Rooney would be suited to a move to MLS and David Moyes is slated for his gloomy outlook at Sunderland. 

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Cheap Wenger

So Wenger having dillied and dallied now finds himself at the car boot sale. Anyone with the label CD around their necks and cheap/reduced or damaged written next to them could be playing for Arsenal’s first team. Great for them, £80,000 per week, no pressure, long term contract a cushy life. This is what you get when you have Wenger running your club. As suspected the fool has given up on Mustafa because those nasty people at Valencia wouldn’t lower the price. How dare they!! Don’t they know when the Dictator calls you are not allowed to set your own price. Even Johnny Evans is now worth £25million because Wenger is desperate and everyone knows it. What a farce, I would give £2.5million for Evans never mind £25m. This is a repeat of last summer, one player signed early and then promises, excuses, lies, delaying tactics and finally. Oh dear, the window has closed. What a complete shambles this idiot has produced yet again. Does he really think this level of incompetence is going to be tolerated? Roll up, roll up, its the Wenger Car Boot Sale- Cheap, Free, Damaged we don’t care as long as we KEEP ALL OUR MONEY.

The Oracle

Arsene Wenger: Manager expects key duo to stay

Wenger ruining his legacy

I just can’t fathom how anyone can still support him. He’s lying to all of us, not just the people who want him out and he’s treating every single one of us with the same contempt.

He insults us and the people who work for Arsenal by making light of the salaries that normal people earn.

For a long time, I didn’t have a problem with the man himself, just with him being our manager. The placards from last year saying “Thanks for everything etc” seemed about right, but I don’t think he deserves our thanks or respect any more.

When he refuses to show us any respect, why should we show him any??? He’ll always be responsible for many of my favourite memories, but he’s completely worn out any gratitude I ever felt towards him for them.

Al The Gooner


China crisis

Sadly this is what “sport” has become, it’s all about the money, money, money. I had a massive dislike for city & chelski as I just seen them as buying the comp but reality is if you don’t jump on the wagon when/if you get the chance you’ll be left behind.



Wayne Rooney: Faced former club in testimonial

Rooney to MLS makes sense

I see there are reports again that a MSL club might be interested in signing Rooney. From his point of view a move to the US would be more preferable than a move to China so the possibility of him going there some time or other would be high. From United’s point of view, his absence from the team, either this season or in the future, would not be a problem. They have players who could fit into the #10 role – either Mkhitaryan, or Zlatan with Rashford up front.

Also if Rooney were to go by the close of the window, then United’s wage bill would be reduced considerably allowing Mourinho to sign perhaps a couple more players, because it seems that it’s the size of the wages bill that’s preventing him from bringing in more playing staff. Woodward wants the wage bill reduced – that’s his priority. The amount of money received from moving on unwanted players doesn’t seem to be an issue.



 Woodward forgiven

I’m one of those who doubted Pogba’s worth at 100m. I thought it was wiser to spend the money on 2 alternative players. Pogba is the real deal. At only 23 i can not believe the amount of quality that he possesses. I can finally see Ed’s intentions though they were invisible over the last 3 seasons. Pogba & Memphis are both players which any top team would have signed at the time we signed them(Thats good). Martial was a surprise (A good one indeed). If we continue to make such signings over the next windows i have no doubt we will be among Europe’s top sides again very soon. If we do not succeed i’m sure it will not be Ed’s fault, a Schweinsteiger & Memphis can happen & thats acceptable but lets hope we continue to get a Ibra & Martial. Ed has a plan.



David Moyes: Not optimistic after a month in charge

Moyes out of his depth again

Moyes should never have left Everton. It is clear that he is unable to adapt in modern football and had entrenched himself into a comfort zone with the Toffees at the right time in the evolution of the Premier League.

The United job was way too big for him and he has since shown a crisis of confidence. Taking the job at Sociedad was also a bad idea for a man who cannot speak the language. To compound that, he then went and brought on Phil Neville as his deputy (stop laughing at the back!).

It’s not just what he says and does – it’s how he looks, how he carries himself. He is a busted flush and just as Sociedad kicked him to the curb, I fully expect him to get the sack before January.


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