Your Says of the Day: Wenger makes me sick; Torres right to leave

Date published: Thursday 18th August 2016 2:12

Arsene Wenger comes under more criticism after his latest press conference, while Fernando Torres made the right choice to leave Liverpool.

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I have supported Arsenal since 1984 and never have I felt so deflated as I do now. For me I rather now see Wenger fail than Arsenal win and that´s how far down he has taken me. Yes agree it seems strange and awkward to feel that way to be honest but I see no way out of this unless Wenger fails miserably this season.

Will it all change if he leaves not sure it will entirely since the problems runs deeper than him. But every time I see his smug face in press conferences, saying the same tripe he always does, year in and year out makes me wanna puke. The fact that fans still back him is to me also strange but it´s their choice and I respect that view even though I don´t agree with them.

I don´t think we will see any major signings in this window and I actually don´t care if we do. Maybe it´s better that Wenger fails big time with this squad and then leaves.

We will have a new manager with more money to spend then. Because to be honest a lot of the players he buys nowadays are in the desperate folder of Squillaci types anyway.




This situation is actually quite simple. Wenger is running the club and that is where our problems lie. Dump Wenger has to be the number one priority. Usmanov is the second largest shareholder but does not have a place on the BofD because he is seen as part of the Dein coup to take over the club.

Dean who is key to everything good about Arsenal was a the forefront of bringing about the changes Arsenal needed. he introduced Diamond Danny, Wenger, Silent Stan and Usmanov to the club. His problem was he thought he could get rid of the Old Etonians quite easily.

They outmanoeuvred him and they retain their power base at the club because they convinced Kroeke that they had run the club for years and they were a able to oversee the club through Wenger. It’s all gone wrong but do we really want Chinese investors who will do whatever they want.

I’m not sure but then we need everyone currently at the club to be shown the door. Usmanov as outright owner and Dein as Chairman of the BofD is the way to go. We will see.



Ranieri must have a great team spirit going on there. They are keeping all their stars, with the exception of Kante. They are getting new contracts but I doubt they are getting more money than the other clubs would have been offering so well done to Ranieri.




Wouldn’t be a bad shout for us given that cech wont last much longer and must hate now playing for us, he hasn’t conceded so many goals in an age till he joined our mob.



I fail to see what the surprise is. Hart has been dropped, that’s all for now. Like any other player he has to earn his position in the current team. He is capable, so it is up to him to lift his game and be a top keeper

Brian Blue



I was gutted when Torres left. I remember the night well. I dont smoke now, had given up a few years but smoked the night he left as I need to calm down.

I was gutted that he wasn’t giving Kenny a chance but in the end he was right to move. It took me a few years to come around to his way of thinking but we were going nowhere and we went nowhere. He was treated like a god and he even said himself, he felt like he could fly when playing for us. What a player. It went downhill for him but he still won trophies.

I can see now why he left and he was right.

Sean the sailor



I would argue against anyone who says Wayne Rooney never lived up to his hype though. It’s very easy to forget what he has achieved, so many magical moments, the amazing goals and all of the trophies. It’s just too much to remember. The only way is to look at a career highlights reel, then it all comes flooding back.

The chips from 25 yards over David James, the unbelievable volleys, over head kicks and that’s not to mention the fire in him. The runs, the power he was a phenomenon – the kid had it all, everything. People on here say things like “i appreciate all that Rooney has done for us”, but in that little sentence there is absolutely no appreciation whatsoever. 520 games, 246 goals and i think over 200 assists. Premier League Titles, League Cups, An FA Cup, A Champions League trophy.

It’s incredible. When compared with Ronaldo nobody has lived up to their hype, Ronaldo will probably go down as the best player in history. People who didn’t really live up to their hype are people like Joe Cole, Freddy Adu, Robinho, Riquelme, Adriano.

Not Rooney. Not England’s all time leading goal scorer and, soon to be, Manchester United’s all time leading goal scorer. No, he definitely lived up to his hype in my eyes.



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