Your Says of the Day: Wenger must be ‘ruthless’; Prem Euro XIs

Date published: Tuesday 21st June 2016 1:00

Tottenham: Well represented in Euro 2016

Our readers discuss whether Arsene Wenger is right in signing just three more players this summer, Rooney and Wilshere’s role in the England squad and which Premier League club is best represented at Euro 2016.

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Dominant Spurs would field best past-and-present Euro 2016 XI

Luka Modric: Celebrates Croatia's winning goal


Couldn’t think of a better thread title….

Just read a great article, highlighting how many current and former Spurs players are at the Euros, quite a few around, and they actually came up with this team!

GK – Lloris
DEF – Walker, Toby, Vertonghen, Rose
MD – Dier, Dembele Modric
Att – Alli, Bale & Kane…

Subs wasn’t so impressive so we’ll forget about them (mostly former players!)… ?

That’s a pretty decent side! Can anybody bet that with current and former players from their clubs?


Mignolet, Clyne, Skrtel, Emre Can, Henderson, Lallana, Milner, Allen, Sturridge, Benteke, Origi, I reckon 4-3-3 Clynne, Skrtel, Can, Milner mid Henderson, Lallana, Allen and up front Origi, Sturridge and Benteke. Don`t think that line up would keep too many clean sheets.



 and the Copa America too?

Haha – ok

Cech (Euros), Ospina (Copa America), Szczesny (Euros)

Bellerin (Euros) Koscielny (Euros) Gabriel (Copa)

Ramsey (Euros) Xhaka (Euros) Wilshere (Euros)

Ozil (Euros) Sanchez (Copa) Rosicky* (Euros)

Giroud** (Euros)

* Contract is up with Arsenal but still on the books so far, so I’m ‘aving it!
** No, not sure why he’s there either, but he is!

No LB, but 3 goalkeepers and a 6 man midfield – I’ve seen Wenger send out far less balanced sides!



De Gea (best damn keeper in the world)

Darmian (Euros), Smalling (Euros), McNair (Euros), Rojo (Copa)

Schneiderlin (keeping the French bench warm), Schweinsteiger (Euro)

Valencia (still counts as a winger? Copa), Rooney (Euro), Martial (Euro)

Rashford (Euro)

Surely this 11 isn’t bad at all??



Matterface the new Martin Tyler?

Almost if not a perfect 10/10 for Sam Matterface from Talksport, who’s been commentating on ITV.

I can see similarities to Martin Tyler, and Matterface’s style is soothing, flowing and draws interest.

Top man and top commentator in my view.



Is three more signings actually enough for Arsenal this summer?

Arsene Wenger: Believes Arsenal have right mentality for late surge

Wenger speaking about transfers over the weekend…..’So we’ve bought one midfielder and we’re still in the market to buy one or two more players. But it is not easy.
It is not just buying. We also have to keep a good balance. If you buy too many players you destabilise your team. So three is the maximum’.

My questions in response to this would be, why is 3 the maximum…..and who are we destabilising?
If there are 4 or 5 players who are all available and are better players than you currently have, do you ignore 3 of them or make space for them to improve the squad?
I can understand his point if we came within a point or 2 of winning the league and lost the CL final. It would make sense if the majority of the starting 11 had blinding seasons and we just needed a tiny tweak here and there.

However, we all know that wasn’t the case. We finished 10 points behind Leicester and didn’t come close to a cup trophy. You could count on one hand the players in the squad who played to something like their potential really. There are very few players in that team who should be considering their place in the team as assured.
For me, its not a question of destabilising players. Its about bringing in quality to push the current crop to their next level, or ultimately replace them. We have seen this misguided loyalty towards under performing players too often and it takes us years to get rid of some of these players.

I actually think Wenger had no interest in buying a striker in this window but now feels that his hand is forced by the injury to Danny. Based on his comments above, he presumably wouldn’t want to ‘destabilise’ Giroud and Welbeck.
Wenger has to be more ruthless but I can’t ever see it happening. If he had chosen to address the obvious flaws in his team sooner, he might have been in a position where all he needed to do was make a few small tweaks.



Andy, Al – I personally think it’s fair enough if our midfield business is done with Xhaka because, let’s face it – Rosicky and Arteta did not contribute much. You would like to think that Elneny and Xhaka can more than pick up the slack and will be more reliable and of higher quality. So their exits are covered IMO and we’re better for it.

The issue here, though, is quality – as you both mentioned. And I completely agree – if you see the opportunity to improve the quality of your team, I cannot understand for the life of me why you wouldn’t grab it. For example, bringing Kante in at the expense of one of our midfielders would improve our team unequivocally. In fact, there are probably two or three (being generous) that you would say it isn’t worth it for. If we can afford it, why would we not upgrade?

It is baffling and, I have to say, it’s one aspect of the club that I don’t feel I can idenfity with – there is no desire to be the best and to improve in all areas. Best case, we wait for either injuries or exits to force our hand OR for deals to fall on our lap. At the right price. And with no other competition. Then when you consider how much we waste collectively on fees and WAGES for players and high-risk gambles that end up disappointing… It really is pathetic!

28m spent on Debuchy and Chambers… You really have got to be kidding me!



Push Rooney into attack

wayne rooney jack wilshire

It’s funny how some papers are coming up with this liner,yet they are forgetting Rooney couldn’t fill his own void. What did he do when he came on,he had a good 35 minutes didn’t he. Only misplaced passes and lack of creativity is what I saw.If anything,I can see players not being criticised because of reputation first over here.

If you really want my suggestion and for the last time,push rooney ahead into attack.Why Hodgson is experimenting him playing in a central midfield position I’ll never know.Play wilshere in midfield and you’ll get you creativity.

If you want my opinion,for the sake of Wilshere I hope he gets dropped.Because it seems to me the media have certainly found a scapegoat,even though he’s played the least number of minutes from the bunch that have got game time at the Euros!

the specialone

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