Your Says of the Day: Wenger must walk away, Shaw worry

Date published: Friday 21st October 2016 12:22

Arsene Wenger: Manager linked with Real in the past

Arsenal fans are split on whether Arsene Wenger should be offered a new deal, while Luke Shaw is worrying some Man Utd supporters…

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Should Arsenal offer Wenger a new deal?

Easy answer… NO. He had his chance and then some. If he loved the club as he says he does, he will walk away at the end of the season. Why are some getting excited… anyone seen Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? Look amazing and flash and then crumble because the mentality is not there from the players or the manager. Or we make that last gasp push for the league when it is too late. We have some great players, but we have an inept manager who cannot or will not have a balanced team (which we had before) This is just a broken record for many of us. If Wenger walked away at the end of the season, I would have far more respect for him than I do now. I won’t forget the good times, but he overstayed his welcome for a number of years.


Reports: Wenger offered new deal as Ozil waits on Arsenal boss

…It will end up being his own decision, I’m pretty sure Arsenal have a contract already on the table. I can’t see the board pushing him out as everyone is in their comfort zone, no controversy, sound business and steady performance. I’m sure they have looked over at United and seen absolute mayhem.

I personally think that if they can not bring in a Simeone, then there is no point in going down that road of transition.

We should also be monitoring Koeman.



Claudio Bravo Manchester City

Backing Bravo

Bravo made a bad blunder. All goalkeepers do. Barcelona would not have selected him as their number 1 if he wasn’t good enough. I agree with Max. I suggest we make our final assessment in January. I’m betting he will have all of us singing his praises by then.



…I think you’re being very premature in your assessment of him. So, he made a bad mistake. But how many mistakes did Sloppy Joe make? He’s obviously a class goalkeeper or he wouldn’t have been playing for Barcelona. All of the best commit bloopers from time to time… just some a lot more than others.



Luke Shaw: Misses out for Man Utd

Luke’s no Shaw thing

I know the lad has had a terrible injury and its going to take him time to get back to full fitness but am not 100 % convinced by him.

He was poor in his first season with us and every time I see him play there always seems a mistake in him. Going forward personally I don’t think he is that great, you never see him really burst past players towards the byline and whip in any decent crosses.

I hate to say it but reminds me of another John Stones – over-hyped and overrated.



…Shaw started off the season excellently and is still working his way back into the team. Cut him some slack he’s a very good full back, just needs more concentration which he will get with experience.

Sympathy for the Devils

Robin van Persie

RvP’s ‘beautiful moment’

Absolutely loved the moment when van Persie scored and Old Trafford gave him an ovation, a rare and beautiful moment of intangible football enjoyment that.

I love the fact that Fosu-Mensah is getting minutes in the centre of midfield plus he has been very impressive. Memphis has looked very sharp albeit without the end product that would give him plaudits.

I think this is a good evening for us. We can now go into the Chelsea game feeling confident but I expect Mourinho to once again tighten the tactical reins at Stamford Bridge (and rightfully so).




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