Your Says of the Day: What next for Rooney? Anfield debate begins

Date published: Tuesday 11th October 2016 12:32

Wayne Rooney: Supported by his manager

TEAMtalk readers debate where Wayne Rooney could go if he was to leave Manchester United, while the fighting talk ahead of Liverpool v United has started…

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Would you take Rooney at Arsenal?

A question that is being asked a lot lately and one that has too many ifs and buts to answer it with enough information…

His wages at club level are probably as discussed the single biggest stumbling block. Watching him on the pitch it strikes me from afar that there is something wrong with him mentally… perhaps other issues unknown to the general public may be weighing on him or perhaps he is merely trying too hard after some bad games to get back into rhythm. The constant being shunted to different areas to curtail deficiencies in the team over a few seasons will also be playing a part in his difficulties now. Would Ibra have moved to midfield or into a wider area when he was in his mid to late 20s for the sake of the team? Now Utd and England fans appear to be turning on the lad when he really needs the support from everyone. Albeit as a Gooner I have not watched Utd as much as a supporter or fan will have and have not noted the gradual decline as others have stated, so like most things its about impression you have.

For me for Arsenal not at this time, although you could make a good case for him. For England I would still have him in the squad if getting game time at Utd if not I would if the manager still invite him to training sessions with squad and if injuries happened I would still have no qualms in picking him.


Wayne Rooney: Holding back other prospects, apparently.

Which right-back should United target?

I see that Man Utd are being linked with Coleman of Everton. A better RB is Rick Karsdorp of Feyenoord and Holland.

I’ve just watched the Holland v France game and he was excellent, both defensively and going forward. He’s a big strong lad and at 21 the right age.

Seamus Coleman: Enjoying life under Ronald Koeman

If we had to go for a right-back I’d prefer we went for Carvajal or Danilo from Real Madrid; they’ve got a fierce competition in that position and, if the right offer came in, we may be able to get one of them off them. My preference would be Carvajal however it would most likely be Danilo if either had to leave.

Aurier and Bellerin are two other options however I can’t see their respective clubs letting them go. Fabinho is also another good option and has been linked with us strongly recently.

Darmian of course can still do a job however he needs to seriously step up when given the chance.

Sympathy for the Devils


Assists nonsense

Payet’s ‘assist’ for Pogba’s goal against Netherlands perfectly illustrates the nonsense of collecting these stats. Payet lays the ball off around the halfway line to Pogba, because there’s nothing else on, who unleashes a wicked shot. How did Payet help the goal be scored? Did he make the Dutch defence stand off or Steklenburg fumble? All he did was make a 5ft pass under no pressure in an inocuous area. Who has the assist for Maradona’s great goal v England in wc 86′. Maybe to goalie for rolling it 10yrds? Nothing against Payet at all, he is a top draw game changer. But assist stats are utter nonsense


Paul Pogba: On target for France on Monday

Build up to Liverpool v Man Utd

This is the first time in many seasons I feel confident going to Anfield. As good as Liverpool are going forward, defensively they’re poor. Our first half display against Leicester is the best I’ve seen in the PL in a long time. Don’t worry about Wazza and Fellaini, they won’t start the game. We will mostly be playing attacking football with pressure. With Zlatan, Rashford & Martial up front, we will find many goals. 1-3 to Utd

Jose Mourinho: Head to head with Jurgen Klopp looming

Martial, you were at home against Leicester. You won’t be able to play attacking football with pressure for a sustained period against us. Liverpool will look to control the possession, playing at a quick tempo,and Mourinho will have Fellaini and Pogba in there to stop us playing, and nick a goal or two off a set piece. You’ll be hitting us on the counter attack, as we’ll have most of the ball. United are a powerful, physical side, but won’t be quick enough to stop us when we’re in full flow. Whenever one of your players has the ball, three of our players will be on him, winning the ball back, and starting us off on another attack. You won’t have the ball for long enough to play sustained attacking football. If you reckon United will turn up and dictate the game, I fear for you that you’ll be mistaken. Klopp will take the game to you. We will attack and we will score. Mourinho will set up to frustrate our game plan, our attacking qualities.



Babel babble

Ryan Babel says he was badly coached by Rafa Benitez…

As the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd. All the coaching in the world would never turn Babel into a player. A total waste of space when he was here, and now he’s again displaying the attitude problem that caused his departure from every club he was ever at.

Perhaps somebody should try to coach him to shut up and put some work in.

Derek Wirral


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