Your Says of the Day: Where City lead, United are snoozing

Date published: Wednesday 9th March 2016 12:53

Pep Guardiola: Making plans for Manchester City

Also, why Rafa Benitez can breathe new life into Newcastle and which players should be targeted at Liverpool and Chelsea.

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Four decisions open to United over Van Gaal

I think the Man United board have four scenarios in their mind:

1) Sack LvG now and get someone else in and qualify for CL. Cost = £10m compensation

2) Sack LvG now and get someone else in and still fail to qualify for CL. Cost = £10m compensation plus £30m lost CL revenue

3) Keep LvG and fail to qualify for CL. Cost = £30m lost CL revenue

4) Keep LvG and qualify for CL. Cost = £0

They must think option 4 is still the best case scenario and don’t see it as unrealistic.



Where City lead, United are snoozing

Either way Man United are messing it up. See how Man City have already announced Pep Guardiola as their new manager and Guardiola has already met with the technical team. They are discussing targets and sounding them out instead of playing games of brinkmanship like we seem to enjoy.

The board is holding out for top 4 or a trophy when neither of these two things would fix the fundamental problem of bad tactics and personnel anyways. I don’t understand how they think.



Woodward ‘too close’ to Van Gaal

I do understand that financially wise, Van Gaal’s sacking was long overdue and that was after the Wolfsburg defeat.

Folks I have come across news that Woodward and LVG dine together accompanied with their wives and also they are close to each other. If that is true then we are already doomed then it’s glazers who should intervene.

Maybe LVG think he will win Europa. And the sad thing is we are not able to beat West Brom and the likes of Dortmund are waiting. Even I think we should be scared of Liverpool.

Diablo Rouge


Benitez to breathe new life into Newcastle

I am a Liverpool fan and a Rafa Benitez fan too. I think he would be a breath of fresh air for Newcastle.

He worked wonders at our club with players who were sub-standard. The likes of Djimi Traore, Djibril Cisse, Josemi, Sinama Pongolle and Igor Biscan all played a part in helping the club win a Champions League and perform well in the league too.

When you look back at his dismissal and then the likes of Hodgson and Rodgers following him you realise how lucky you were to have him at the helm.

He’s got a great eye for talent and unearthed players like Reina, Arbeloa, Luis Garcia, Xabi Alonso, Mascherano, Kuyt and Torres etc. Along with bringing the absolute best out of the likes of Carragher, Gerrard, Hyppia etc.

Your club is in a bit of trouble and he would be the ideal candidate to come in and save you. You have a few talented individuals, but on the whole your squad is weak. He would help sort out your frailties to a degree, until he could splash the cash.

His pulling power will ensure that you would no longer have to splash out £12m a pop on ‘average’ English/French players.



If anyone can, Emre Can 

Do people think Emre Can go grow to be the real top midfielder we badly need?

He has everything in his locker to a superb player. He can brush player easily off the ball. He tackles well, he is powerful, could add more goals. He has done well in his first two seasons here. He was very good in his last two games. We really need him to step up over the next few games against Man United. He has it in his locker to be a top class player – but now is the time to display that.

Sean the Sailor


Chelsea only need two world-class additions

I don’t think we are that bad. One sector where we are bad lately: striking department. Costa injured or suspended: he’s sorely missed.
Rémy was a reliable backup last season, it seems that it’s not anymore. No need to talk about Falcao at all. Big salary but no contribution, past it.
Pato was brought for half season, but no match fitness and not get used to English football, what’s the point.

But other than that, we played not bad against Stoke, a good team, our midfield was creating chances, just no finishing.
Our backline was ok with Iva and Cahill. Rahman is weak, but he is a again probably a failed transfer. Wouldn’t judge too quick though, the kid is only 21.

So I think I will stick that we only need probably two world-class signing. No more than that. A striker (no idea who) and probably a creative force: Griezmann or Pogba?



Fitting new signings into Liverpool formation

Klopp favors a 4-2-3-1 but we don’t have the players (2 in central midfield exposes the defence and no wingers) to employ such a formation at the moment.

The 2 in midfield need to balance attack and defence like Alonso and Mascherano. Someone like Newcastle’s Sissoko could fit the bill alongside Can.

This would free up the attacking players. Lucas should move to CB if he can keep up his current level. Lewandowski is not lightning quick or the best in the air but what he does have is great movement and great finishing. If Klopp decides to keep Benteke past the summer I’m hoping he can develop into that type of player.

I was excited when Benteke signed because there aren’t many better strikers out there that we can get. With a better team behind him with better supply he could very well come good.

Even if we don’t play with 1 up front, the “big man small man” combo has worked well for us in the past and a partnership between Sturridge and Benteke could very well blossom. (One great in the air and the other great with his feet and movement) With a better midfield to support those 2 they could get the space in the box to do some real damage. Only time will tell.


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