Your Says of the Day: Which player would you want your club to re-sign?

Date published: Thursday 27th October 2016 1:17 - Rob Conlon

Luka Modric & Gareth Bale: Duo wanted back at Spurs

Readers discusses which former player they would love their club to re-sign, plus the Manchester derby and Daniel Sturridge.

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Please come back

Very bored at work, it’s snowing outside, and I really can’t be arsed to do anything productive…. so day dreaming it is!

Who would you want back? Obvioulsy I would have Bale and Modders, drop those in our squad and it would look pretty tasty indeed!

Pool I’m sure would take Gnasher back…

How good would Southampton be? Bale, Walcott, Ox, Mane, Shaw, Wayananma, Lallana, Snchderlien… who else have I missed? They would be bloody brilliant!



For Leeds I wouldn’t mind Delph, Cook, Rose Byram and Milner. All from our academy.

Johnny Utah


cant think of anyone still playing at a high enough level that I would want back,

Van Persie is to old now otherwise he would
Cesc, lost it for me and we don’t need him

wait a minute we are still light up front how can I not want Bendtner back!






Manchester United positives

Guts and effort won the day. It wasn’t pretty but winning was the main thing. Ibra was s***e but he kept plugging away, Valencia was excellent, Herrera’s second half was the best half I’ve ever seen him have and Shaw was massively better in the second half. Can’t remember anything Carrick did in 90 minutes other than chase Aguero near the end and, goal apart, little Juan did his usual impression of a 90 year old woman. Oh, nearly forgot, Rashford was excellent.



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Manchester City negatives

From what I recall no shots on target and not many touches inside there area. Not sure why Sane was playing centrally in the first half when he’s been promising out wide. Shock horror Kolorov was marking nobody for there goal, the man is suspect defensively everytime he plays. Maffeo and Garcia were very promising. Nolito was poor and Navas ineffective as the game went on. Seems spoilt to me the lack of emphasis we put towards this cup. What’s happening with Aguero I’m not enjoying his demise at all and if Guardiola freezes him out I don’t know how I’ll ever forgive him. 4-1-4-1 against West Brom please.



Sturridge can still become a Liverpool great

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I think,in years to come,Sturridge will be viewed in the same way as the likes of St John,Hunt,Rush,Fowler,Owen,Torres,Suarez etc. I really believe that. His goal record for Liverpool is unbelievable really,given the amount of games he’s missed through injuries,and I think if he hadn’t been injured so much,he’d have scored a lot more.

I love Danny,but I obviously love the club and team more,and,while I appreciate his undoubted talent,we simply play better as a team with the likes of Firmino up top. The results show that,and also,I don’t think I’m being unfair in saying that Sturridge has quite a self centred attitude,and that’s fine,not a problem with that,but Klopp won’t like it. You have to buy into what he wants to do,play where he wants etc. He doesn’t want Sturridge to be ‘striker’ and that’s it,he wants him to be more flexible in terms of position,and ultimately,that will make him an even better player. If Sturridge realises that,then he will be as vital for us as he’s always been. If he doesn’t,and continues to sulk etc,Klopp will bench him.

He is one of the best strikers in the Prem,and an asset to Liverpool Football Club. If he can become more of a team player,that will obviously be of benefit to Klopp,the team,and Sturridge himself,as he’d undoubtedly play more games.



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Pwoper nawty

I suspect both sets of so called fans played their part last night but there have been consistent problems at West Hams new Stadium and the club, the FA and the Police need to look into what needs to be done about it before anyone gets seriously hurt.

On the positive side both West Ham and Chelsea have said that anyone identified as being responsible for what happened last night will be banned for life and hopefully the Police will take action too.

Not a game that I would have ever considered going to because any away game at West Ham was always a frightening experience and that’s when the games at Upton Park were being stewarded and Policed properly.

nine nine nine

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