Your Says of the Day: Why Arsenal WILL beat Man Utd; Gerrard’s return?

Date published: Wednesday 16th November 2016 1:24

Arsene Wenger: Impressed by Southampton's set up

Liverpool fans are dreaming about the prospect of Steven Gerrard returning to the club, while Arsenal fans full expect Arsene Wenger to claim a win at Manchester United on Saturday.

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Is Gareth the man?

Gareth Southgate England-2

Other than Howe, who currently doesn’t seem to want it, who else is there that is English which is seemingly the FA requirement?

Give Southgate a go with a break clause after the World Cup. He’s been around the FA for a while and knows how it all works and has managed many of these players at U21 level – he can’t do any worse than those who have gone before him.

nine nine nine


It shows the state of English football when Southgate is the only choice. It’s crazy, absolutely crazy, that he is even thought of as England manager, but there is no one else. The lack of choices is scary.

At the end of the day, England are a terrible side. They have so many average players and the fact Southgate is going to be the new england manager is laughable.

Sean the sailor


I think England could do with a low expectations manager on a modest salary.

Mind you the team is still being overrated. John Stones was turned inside out relativity easy by Iago Aspas. This in addition to his multiple Man City errors. I’m really confused as to why gets all these plaudits – there are much better defenders in the Premiership, let alone Europe.

If you don’t hold the ‘star’ players accountable, nothing will ever change. England tend to glorify the players, and crucify the manager, as if not winning with England is a scandal and should be considered a managerial failure.

Steven Whitaker


Pressure on Wenger

If Wenger can’t get the team right to beat this current Man Utd side, then serious questions need to be asked. Even with Mourinho in charge he should find a way to beat them. This United team are playing worse than under Van Gaal!

Having said that, I don’t think we will win, maybe a draw. Hope Sanchez is fit as he will cause their defence all sorts of problems.



A romantic return?

Steven Gerrard: To leave LA Galaxy

Lets talk about something that could actually happen in the January window, how many of you guys would like to see old Stevie back at Anfield?

I’m actually starting to believe that him coming back on a short term contract would be a good thing, I think he his guts and determination could prove a valuable asset.

I’m sure he would not expect a starting role but having him on the sidelines, giving advice to our young stars could tip the balance in our favour.

Any thoughts lads?



Don’t think I would have him back as a player – I don’t see where he would fit in. He struggled with the tempo in his last season and now Klopp is asking for a high energy game. It would just be for sentimental reasons.

I do want to see him back in a coaching/ambassador type role though.



Vatican City FC

Lionel Messi: Forward celebrates opening goal

Just read another article about the Pope entertaining footballers. Got me to thinking; if San Marino, Lichtenstein, Andorra, GibraltAr (not even a nation) can field international sides, why not Vatican City?

I’m sure there’s some unearthed talent somewhere in there among the junior cardinals. Come to think of it, they could give Messi honorary citizenship so he could play for them.


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