Your Says of the Day: Will Klopp cut his losses with Sturridge?

Date published: Tuesday 5th January 2016 11:36

Daniel Sturridge: Time to give up on him?

Should Alberto Moreno be moved into midfield, also Manchester United’s front three “need more freedom” and Arsenal need to go for Bale.

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If Bale is for sale should Arsenal compete for his signature?

As the title says, if Bale is indeed for sale should we compete for his signature against united?

He would cost a pretty penny but think he would flourish at Arsenal, yes he played for the spuds but still a great player, would bring some pace and power on the left flank for us, ox just seems to be off the boil and Campbell is good but not world class.



Time to cut losses with Sturridge?

It’s not really another injury, Sturridge just isn’t ready yet… He needs to have a pre-season and thats what Klopp is making him do.

The club though, shouldn’t be waiting forever on his fitness, we can´t rely on him, thats for sure.

If he wouldn’t be able to prove his fitness this month I think another striker might come in.



Move Moreno into midfield

I agree Redrob, we complain about having no width but we could play Moreno in front of Smith and Ibe and Clyne on the right.

Would stop us wasting Coutinho on the left and would allow him to move in to front 2 of Firmino and Coutinho (got to yield more than Benteke). Advance Can as he is wasted as a DMF. We have to try something different as our last few games have been turgid.

St Etienne


United front three ‘need more freedom’

The team that I’d want currently and how;

GK – DDG: Best keeper in the world.

RB – Darmian: Solid right back who can make forward runs.
CB – Smalling: Strong and commanding.
CB – Blind: Great reader of the game. Backed up by Smalling.
LB – Rojo: Strong, brave and good defender. (Shaw, when fit, of course)

CDM – Schneiderlin: Solid, great tackler and commanding.
CM – Herrera: Box-to-box, enthusiastic and has a good shot on him.
CM – Bastian: Experience, strong and a leader. Good vision, also.

LW – Memphis: Give this boy gametime! Quick and tricky. Needs to be given the freedom that is afforded to Hazard and Coutinho.

RW – Martial – Quick, skillful, a nightmare for defenders! Can cut in, as well as, head for the byline.

ST – Rooney: Class player who needs service!

Subs of the likes of Jones, Carrick, Mata and even Fellaini are decent at the moment.

I feel that the defenders can be as organized and methodical as LVG wants; same with Morgan. But the front three and Herrera MUST be given a little more freedom – go and do what they were bought to do; entertain us and frighten the opposition with creativity, flair and surprise!

We are TOO predictable currently. I don’t care about possession play. We need to be organized in defense and given freedom up front.

Remember how fluid and expansive our play was with Tevez, Rooney and CR7? There is no reason why our attackers cannot TRY to play like them.

We are not a million miles away fro success. I just don’t believe in this extremely structured and slow possession build up play that is LVG’s philosophy. It works in Germany and Spain, where the “lower” 15 teams are really quite poor. In England, any team and beat anyone in the Premiership, as we have witnessed this season.

Arsenal were all about possession play before. Now they have changed their style to a more direct, fluid type of football. Direct doesn’t mean “long ball to Fellaini”. It means 2-3 passes and we’re in the final third of the pitch, ready to score!




Defence a priority at Newcastle

Vodka – I do not disagree with the need for a striker.

As mentioned before, I feel that there is a bigger need for a defensive addition than a offensive one.

No point in scoring a goal if the opposition scores 2.

What I feel we need is in prioritized order:
Center back(s)
Left back
Defensive midfielder
Creative midfielder.

But as the funds are not a bottomless pit, I would rather spend what we have on a defender than on a striker that will not get proper service.

What I have been trying to get across is that buying a striker will (likely) not change anything for the team, where securing the defense can give the team better stability and more confidence.


Tottenham rumours…

A quick round up of rumours…

The most notable and unlikely ones being Lavezzi and Berardi. Lavezzi would be the experience we need if we are to mount a title challenge and the price would be less of a risk but Berardi would be an investment however perhaps a bit risky at this stage of our season.

This kid Tracey from Ebbsfleet has all but signed which will be a great signing for our already very successful U21’s (3rd in the league). Links with this Granada youngster on loan from Udinese, Adalberto Penaranda (pardon the spelling if this is wrong), nothing to be excited about but one for the future.

Anything else heard about the Sandro Ramirez links?



The ‘famous style’ has gone, but I’m a proud Spur


Great perspective and memories from the “youngsters”! I think you guys have hit the nail on the head as far as our present team is concerned.

Ok, the famous style may not be much in evidence these days but as you say the energy, commitment, determination, spirit and passion of these kids is amazing.

For me, seeing these attributes in a Spurs side is simply wonderful to behold.

As an “oldster” I would go further and say that I believe even the great Dave Mackay (who embodied all those qualities himself) would be proud of this team!

Yes 1987 certainly was the year of so many “might have beens” -and disappointments; thereafter, it has been a downward spiral pattern. Harry R’s teams gave us some wonderful football (best I’ve seen from Spurs since the Sixties)only to have buckets of ice-cold water thrown over our expectations by lack of support in the transfer market.

Having been through “the mire” of the AVB and Sherwood days we have emerged with a team to be proud of and many things to be optimistic about. Pochettino, it has to be said, has done very well for us. Long may it continue!


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