Your Says of the Day: ‘Would you feel safe going to Russia in 2018?’

Date published: Monday 13th June 2016 12:53

Russia: Warned over violence

There is a mixed reaction among fans regarding the ongoing troubles at the Euros, while others debate whether Thierry Henry is ‘tunnel-visioned’.

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Trouble at the Euros

I have travelled right through France from North to South over the last few days and there is a very obvious Police presence throughout the country and that is only what is visible.

But perhaps the Police focus after what they recently suffered in France is on the prevention of terrorism rather than the prevention of hooliganism and conflict in the Stadiums.

They do do things differently in Europe and I’m not sure about the use of tear gas it’s probably a bit too indiscriminate and there did seem to be a lack of know how and activity at the end of last night’s game.

I suspect that will change now and let’s hope we see a bit more responsibility from the fans too no matter who they support.

Nil, Cheers mate, based on what I saw on TV last night the England fans seemed to be on the receiving end in the Stadium.

nine nine nine


I’m sure there is a massive Police presence at these games and in city centres but has it occurred to these idiots that they have more important things to worry about, like their terror threat. I’m sure it’s a small portion of England fans involved, just like the Russians and other nations.

To disqualify a side due to crowd trouble is harsh. Someone please tell me, how on earth the Russian, English, Polish or other FA’s are supposed to control their fans? I think a points deduction would be a fair option. Not so much six like Russia’s suspended points dedication is but maybe up to 3. Just so people know.

People who are on football banning orders shouldn’t be at these tournament because a week before its starts they have to surrender their passports to the Police and will not get them back until after the final is played.

If they fail to surrender their passports they have broken the law and will therefore be arrested. So the people who are out their causing issues, are not on banning orders. These are morons, who could have previously been banned or are trying to be the next Danny Dyer or simply be normal people who have been caught up in the disorder.



There were over 100 English fans chanting xenophobic, homophobic and other prejudicial songs, directed at the French.

The Russians should lose the 2018 cup, there should be zero tolerance for this. All parties should be banned.

There are plenty of other nations that do not behave in this way, that can take both spots away.

Best example is today’s game, Croatia and Turkey singing together, having fun instead of trying to beat each other senseless.

Not enough arrests as most of idiots involved managed to escape arrest. There is no denying that more than 100 fans from England have been involved, same goes for Russia. Both countries should be kicked out as this has no place in today’s society.

The problem is the English culture, there were crowd trouble on several occasions last season. Disgusting chants that took place in the Premier League, stewards that did not even take note of complaints made.

Now you riled up the French and the Russians and you plead innocent.

Then just think about it, would you feel safe going into Russia in two years time?

Notorious Bingo


That’s a separate matter entirely Bingo.

Regarding what happened inside the stadium, the cameras clearly show Russian hooligans charging England fans in numbers, picking on the England fans who weren’t quick enough getting away. They caused a very dangerous stampede-like situation.

In order of who’s most responsible, I’d say the organisers of the event first, then the Russian hooligans. And would put zero blame at the door of England fans or the English FA for this incident.

I know there’s sections of idiots among English fans, but when you look at the evidence you can only conclude that they were the victims in all this. So to lay the blame with them is very lazy, and harsh.

Outside the stadium however, is another matter. But at least inside the stadium, English fans were not responsible for that violence.

j c


In my view, it would be unfair to disqualify the team for their fans being the subject of violation.

People do talk about a minority, but even from that small group, that’s a lot of people to manhandle from the two different sets of supporters.

Some proper measures can be put to tackle these unfortunate turn of events – fines and bans can definitely be a starting point with the potential to put these hooligans in cells if beyond control.

It’s very much the example of Friday-Saturday nights in England where the Accident & Emergency of the NHS are stretched because supposed adults out there can’t contain themselves – why should the rest of us be penalized?

If the relevant authorities can get into the habit of filtering out the bad ones, there would be more harmony than violence.

Total football, there’s an old saying: “if you go looking for trouble you’ll find it”

Granted, there are trouble-makers in gangs that carry a specific agenda. Others have otherwise been forced to have to defend themselves and others (like a photograph I saw of a fan’s shirt being completely pulled and ripped apart) have tried to flee from the scene.

The challenging task for the relevant authorities is being able to spot the bad apples and enforcing action.

If some have turned up without tickets or no intention of supporting their national team, but a sole purpose to instigate violence, how is that the fault of the England team?

Sensible S7


Is Thierry Henry a bit of a biased pundit?

Thierry Henry: Obtained UEFA A licence

One of my most favourite footballers ever, in fact he was my favourite.

But when it comes to Punditry in the studio, his opinions seems to be rather embarrassing at times.

Re Vardy : “Listen,All I can say is If I was playing for Leicester and I had Arsenal coming,I would have gone”.

If thierry henry was born yesterday, Leicester won the league last season and Arsenal have been pretending for over a decade to challenge.He has no basis for that statement.

If he were to move from the club, I’d gladly take him at my club.
But even as an Arsenal fan,I’d like to see him finish out his career at Leicester. It was a fairytale season,and it makes no sense for you to move at the age of 28.He became a legend in one year over there,don’t think he would want to lose the respect of those foxes.

the specialone


This just proves Leicester’s achievement and the quality of the Premier League brought into question once again?

Is it real that Leicester have done it? Is it freakish?

The standards of the so-called Sky 4 have dropped in recent years making the league more competitive and a level-playing-field.

I don’t like Vardy’s arrogance of late, and I know, this is not an easy decision or a decision that can be made on a whim. The question is and what remains to be seen is whether or not Vardy can deliver that consistency of in volume of goals the same way for example Luis Suarez did.

That’s when you know your currency will heighten. Why are Arsenal the only club breaking the clause and not Manchester City, and Chelsea?

And just because Manchester United won’t be playing CL football next season, can they not put forward a bid? I’d have to say they have more pulling power than Liverpool.

Henry’s tunnel-visioned and thinking first-hand that this is a no-brainer for Vardy, but doesn’t take into account Arsenal’s ambitions and their consistency in under-achieving.

Sensible S7

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