Your Says on Mourinho: ‘A horrible way to finish’

Rob Conlon
Jose Mourinho: Manager sacked by Chelsea on Thursday

Jose Mourinho: Manager sacked by Chelsea on Thursday

With Jose Mourinho sacked by Chelsea as the club teeter on the edge of the relegation zone, here are the pick of Your Says on ‘the Special One’.

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A great job – but a horrible finish

He did a great job but it’s a horrible way to finish. He brought Chelsea down a lot this season with his behaviour. Massive hypocrite like all managers but he was on another level. Still, he is one of the best managers in the world. He will get a big job and I wouldn’t be suprised to see him at utd. Chelsea were outstanding up until jan last season. He won the league.its just so difficult to understand why ape erythung fell apart. Hidink did a great job last time and would be perfect till the summer.

Who next for Chelsea? Pep in the summer? Simone which would be maddness.allegri?

Sean the sailor


What next for Chelsea?

So, the axe falleth…

Now what for Chelsea? An interim until summer? My understanding is Pepe to City and Ancelotti to Munich, and with Klopp at Pool, the manager pool is suddenly looking very thin indeed.




What next for Mourinho?

Jose for the England job anyone if Roy fails to deliver a respectable finish in the Euros?




Short memories at Stamford Bridge

I think its maddness and yet again roman forgets very quickly what some managers achieve. Reports now that Jose will get a 40m payout. That’s if Chelsea have moved away from paying a manager till he finds a job.

What a downfall though. Really crazy stuff and yet Again Jose can’t fully settle at a club. if Juan de Ramos comes in then it just makes the decision more crazy. Jose hasn’t turned into a bad manager. Thers something clearly wring but how van things turn so badly so quick? His behaviour certainly hasn’t helped but he has calmed down a lot recently. Will guardiola go there in the summer? Jose to utd!

Sean the sailor


All hail Hiddink

sean, I get you fella but I think he would find his work “betrayed” even more in some of these clubs as they will also not be the richest in the league and will be forced to have some players that cant always follow his instructions.

P.s,Looks like uncle guus is coming back short term and I am bleeding delighted if that is true.



Right man at the wrong time

Mourinho is a legend and will always be. Just he’s not the man for Chelsea at the moment as he’s lost players’ support and trust. I hope that the new manager will be able to motivate the players and bring their best. With players like Hazard, Courtois, Willian, Oscar, Fabregas: in theory we should not have been this low in the table. But it is what it is. We have to move forward. I believe this is the best decision to part ways with Mourinho



The “average” one

Id like to see this very so average manager take over a very so average squad. Apart from his lucky streak with Porto, he seems to be incapable of doing good things unless he has billions at his disposal. This season confirmed my opinion of him.