Pape Sarr

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Tottenham stars Son Heung-min and Pape Sarr
Steve Pearson

Euro heavyweight schedule Tottenham talks with star’s ‘free’ exit likely for the best

A Euro heavyweight will soon 'start negotiations' with Spurs over signing a player who's being earmarked for a summer move at zero cost
Hugo Lloris, Harry Kane and Pape Sarr of Tottenham
James Holland

Tottenham player came perilously close to Barcelona move as club chief explains why transfer was ‘refused’

A club president has revealed just how close a Spurs man came to joining Spanish giants Barcelona after a bid was submitted
Tottenham manager Antonio Conte
Steve Pearson

Conte throws full backing behind pair Tottenham must now rely on; admits to mistake in AC Milan defeat

Conte will sleep easy following a pair of fine displays from two players he must now rely on, though admitted a Spurs mistake against Milan should not have happened
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