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Harry Kane: Tottenham farewell myth debunked by Ryan Mason after striker advised he ‘should’ quit

Harry Kane, Tottenham, April 2023

Ryan Mason has rejected claims that Harry Kane has been waving goodbye to Tottenham Hotspur fans after what might have been his final home appearance at their stadium.

Despite Kane scoring in a record 25th different Premier League match for the 2022-23 season, Tottenham lost 3-1 to Brentford at home on Saturday in their latest embarrassing result. Only an away game at Leeds United remains before their underwhelming season comes to a close. After that, they will face pressure regarding Kane’s future.

There is only one year remaining on Kane’s contract with Tottenham. Potentially concerned by their current direction, the record goalscorer could seek a new challenge elsewhere.

Tottenham would have to sell him for that to happen, though, and Daniel Levy wouldn’t make it easy.

Nevertheless, when Kane was pictured waving to what remained of the dispersed Tottenham crowd after the Brentford game, observers were quick to mention he could have been saying goodbye.

Speaking at a post-match press conference, though, acting head coach Mason said that was simply not the case.

Mason responded: “No, he waves at the crowd every season. I remember sitting here two years ago, and you guys were convinced he was leaving, saying the same thing.

“It’s the last home game of the season so he wants to show his appreciation to the support he’s received, and we’ve all received this season.”

Previously, when asked about Kane’s future by BT Sport, Mason said: “Speculation is speculation but what I do know is that in 20, 30, 40 years’ time, this football club is still going to be here.”

Pundits debate Harry Kane future

Some pundits have suggested that Kane should make that his last home appearance at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

For example, ex-England international Stuart Pearce has told talkSPORT: “If I was advising Harry Kane, I’d tell him to go and have another challenge somewhere else.

“Should this be his final home appearance here for Spurs? I think so.”

Elsewhere, Alan Shearer – whose Premier League goalscoring record Kane is chasing down – told BBC Radio 5 Live: “If Kane did wave goodbye today, Spurs fans would be disappointed but I think he would go with their understanding because of what he has done for the club.

“It has been tough this season and he has just been unbelievable. We probably haven’t spoken enough about how good he has been because of the achievements of Erling Haaland at Manchester City.”

That said, in a separate comment for Football Focus, Shearer believes Kane will end up staying at Spurs.

Shearer added: “I think because of the love he has for Tottenham and that he’s been there for tough times, I just see him seeing his career out there.

“I get the accusation that he hasn’t won a trophy but those goals and those records he has set are his trophies. That’s why I see him staying at Tottenham.”

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