Potential Conte exit crippling Tottenham as centre-back snare in danger of falling through

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte (right) and Tottenham Hotspur assistant head coach Cristian Stellini (left)

There is reportedly a sense that Barcelona won’t be able to offload Clement Lenglet to Tottenham permanently, as the future of Antonio Conte is in the air.

Lenglet joined Spurs from Barca in the summer on a season-long loan. The Frenchman has been a useful addition to the side, playing 26 games in all competitions so far.

That he was only signed on loan has pointed to the fact he’s only going to be a stopgap. Indeed, Spurs don’t have an option to buy the defender and other options have been mooted.

Among them is Alessandro Bastoni, who has been a target of the club’s for a while.

However, it seems despite other targets being pursued and Spurs not having an option to buy Lenglet, Barcelona are still keen to offload him to the club.

Indeed, Spanish outlet Sport reports Lenglet ‘will not continue at Barca’ and ‘the idea was to try to close a sale agreement with Tottenham for the summer’.

The La Liga side are themselves in the market for a ‘left-footed central defender’ instead of welcoming the Frenchman back into the side.

However, their chances of offloading Lenglet might soon be thrown up into the air.

Potential Conte departure means for Lenglet deal danger

Talks have reportedly ‘been at a standstill’ and the departure of the defender could be in ‘danger’.

That seems mainly to be because of the uncertainty over whether Conte will keep his job. Speculation over his sacking has been rife of late, and insider Ben Jacobs recently revealed “there’s a feeling he will go” at the end of the season.

That relates to Lenglet’s potential signing as Conte was the man who brought him to the club. He is seemingly a fan of the defender and might have been ready to snare him permanently.

Sport reports he was ‘betting on keeping the Frenchman’ but his potential departure will make that a lot harder.

They continue to say if Conte doesn’t achieve Champions League football, ‘it is likely’ he’ll leave and then ‘Lenglet’s transfer will be very complicated’.

Indeed, whoever takes over might not be as much of a fan as Conte was. As such, Tottenham might then not want to sign him, so the fact negotiations are currently not ongoing might be good for them and their future plans.

Barcelona could have other sale options

There might still be other options for Barca to sell Lenglet. Indeed, given he’s played often for Spurs this season, other sides could be interested, having seen him play at a top side.

Sport states Lenglet ‘could have other proposals’ in the Premier League but ‘the most reliable route was that of Tottenham’.

Indeed, Conte’s departure seems to be creating problems not just for the north London outfit.

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