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Redknapp savages ‘all wrong’ Tottenham man as playing one man out of position is better option after destruction

Emerson Royal, Jamie Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp savaged Emerson Royal and feels Oliver Skipp is a better option at left-back

Jamie Redknapp felt Emerson Royal was “all wrong” when trying to defend against Mohamed Salah, and ripped into him for his inability to play two positions, as he feels Oliver Skipp is a better option.

Following a good start, top of the table after 10 Premier League games, Spurs’ season has been tougher than expected. That they have fallen a long way back from the summit can, in part, be attributed to injuries.

A number of important assets have been sidelines at different times, and Tottenham are now fifth, seven points behind fourth-placed Aston Villa and having lost their last four matches.

The latest saw them hammered by Liverpool – the Reds were 4-0 up, and while Spurs recovered to 4-2, there was no danger of them mounting a serious comeback.

Important assets Timo Werner and Destiny Udogie were both sidelined, with neither man likely to play again this season.

That meant Emerson played in place of Udogie at left-back, despite naturally being a right-sided defender, and he struggled to contain Liverpool superstar Mohamed Salah.

The Egyptian managed to score and assist with Emerson marking him, and Sky Sports pundit Redknapp was not impressed with the defender’s ability to stop him.

Indeed, he feels he was even more out of sorts than he usually is.

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Emerson savaged by Redknapp

“He’s not going to be able to live with him, he struggles as a right-back, let alone putting him as a left-back,” Redknapp said.

The pundit went on to suggest that his positioning is all wrong when defending.

“His body position was all wrong, he just doesn’t sense danger on a football pitch,” Redknapp added.

“Because he just didn’t want to defend, his body shape’s all wrong, he doesn’t check his shoulder – everything that you should do as a full-back.

“You’ve got to always be looking what’s behind you, and he just doesn’t, that’s rule number one when you’re a full-back.”

Skipp a better option

Emerson was hooked in the 61st minute, with central midfielder Skipp taking his place.

With Udogie not being available for the remainder of the season, Redknapp feels Skipp playing out of position is probably better than having Emerson at left-back.

“[Ange Postecoglou] ended up changing and putting Skipp there who’s a central-midfield player, and if you’re looking at the next few games, that’s probably a better option,” Redknapp added.

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