Tottenham takeover: Owners told now is the time, as ‘intention’ amid sale talk is revealed

Joe Lewis, Daniel Levy, Tottenham, September 2011

The Tottenham owners have been told that the club is at “premium value” right now, and their “intention” around selling the club has been revealed.

Tottenham has been part-owned by chairman Daniel Levy since 2000. In 2007, the ENIC group, of which he owns a percentage, gained control of the club.

In that time, there have been some highs and lows both on and off the pitch. Spurs’ last trophy came in 2008, when they won the League Cup.

That they haven’t won a major trophy since is not a great sign. However, the north London outfit has battled at the top end of the Premier League table for much of that time, being seen as a ‘big-six’ club.

Their best league finish in that period was second, in the 2016/17 season. They also made it to the Champions League final in 2019, losing to Premier League rivals Liverpool.

Of late, things have looked to be on the up for Tottenham. The investment in a new stadium, which opened in 2019 – after first being planned in 2007 – was a big step.

Hiring Antonio Conte also showed Spurs to be taking strides in the right direction. Indeed, the Italian won the Premier League with Chelsea previously, as well as having won four Serie A titles in his career.

He improved on their seventh-placed finish the season prior to his appointment by inspiring his side to fourth. Spurs are currently fourth this season, and they won their Champions League group.

Tottenham sale talk detailed

A fair few Premier League sides’ owners have entertained the prospect of selling of late. Chelsea were acquired by Todd Boehly earlier this year.

Manchester United and Liverpool are both on the market to be bought, too.

Talk of other clubs being sold is likely to come as a result of that. Tottenham are one club in the spotlight, and the likelihood of a sale has been detailed by Spurs journalist Alasdair Gold.

“Will Spurs get sold soon? It’s an interesting one isn’t it with so many clubs available. Liverpool and Man U are both available and I wonder how that effects the market for Spurs,” he said on YouTube.

“Does it drive the price up that Spurs can ask for. Is there a scenario where unsuccessful bidders for Liverpool and United turn to Spurs and put in a big bid? It will be interesting to see.

“From everything they keep saying the intention isn’t to sell Spurs right now, but if you get a big bid. Someone told me that this period of the next year would be when Spurs are ‘the plumpest bird’ to have a piece of.

“Back in the Champions League, stadium at capacity, churning out money, they have Conte. In terms of being something to sell it’s at a premium value right now.”

Indeed, Tottenham are in one of the strongest positions they have been in for years. As such, it might not be a surprise if somebody was interested in buying the club soon.

However, as per Gold, it looks unlikely that the owners would want to sell right now. They could soon have quite a successful side if they continue on the path they are on.

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