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At the same time why don’t you explain why we need him. He’ll be 32 in March. Why would anyone want to pay 50mil for a 32-year old? If it was a free transfer then maybe you could look at it differently but even then, what are you expecting him to give us that we don’t have? His strengths are based on mobility which will surely decline over the next few years. His defensive numbers are significantly inferior to our own midfield. While his passing numbers are excellent, his creative numbers aren’t great with 0.5 key passes in La Liga and 0.8 key passes in the CL last season. 0.1 through balls, 0.1 crosses, 1.1LL/1.7CL shots, 0.6LL/0.2CL dribbles per game. 4 goals and 7 assists in 46 appearances last season in a league where they were virtually unopposed last season. This kind of output does not justify his lack of defensive ability in our team given what is expected of our midfield. He is dispossessed and has more incidents of poor control than Henderson. All his stats are indicative of a player who just keeps the ball moving in a possession based side and then arrives to take a shot. What exactly will he bring to our team that we don’t already have to compensate for what he’s going to take away? Are you expecting him to be this creative force #10 that we are supposedly in such desperate need for? I’d rather put my cards on Shaqiri at #10. Please stop talking of your arse if you don’t do your research beforehand.