A Frustrating Period.

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    sarky parky
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    I don’t know how other fans feel but I feel immensely frustrated to think of waiting a month before the Baggies play again. For the first time for over two years we have genuine hope and reasons to look forard and we all have to kick our heels and follow what to me is a World Cup that should never have taken place. I’m sure CC and his staff will be working hard to improve the players and keep them focussed but as for us fans I can sense the eagerness with which we look forward to the next match – in a month’s time! COYB.


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    Sarky..it would be a lot more frustrating if we had lost our last 3 matches and were still managed by Steve Bruce !

    Enjoy the World Cup and hope that CC spends the next 6 weeks dramatically improving our team.

    For what it’s worth, I think that the WC will be won by a South American team, used to playing in hot weather. They’ll sit back and pass the ball from one stationary player to another, frustrating their opponents, who could end up having a player sent off, and then make one decisive strike.

    Uruguay ?

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