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    Poor Albion again yesterday against a very poor Hull team.I have said it before,this ALBION team is the worst in my time as an Albion supporter and it is not near to be a prem team,for me they are worst than Norwich(2 points so far).Yesterday night we looked awfull with no fighting spirit,poor passing and poor shooting.We have some players who are not good enough,Hughill,Livermoore did not offer anything yesterday and Robinson who i think played a bad game,he cannot be better than HRK or Austin.Cipre why we bought him is a mysteri to me.Think Adam Reach did well,at least he tried to go forward,i wonder what Diangana thinking,how on earth can VI put the joke Hughill on before Diangana,i am sorry to say ,but i have no faith in VI,think he is gone by christmas.We need a new owner and a manager who knew how to play and some new players in asap or we will be down the table.Yesterday night was a big dissepointment for me.Norway baggie.

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