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    OK so a lot of people have a lot of different opinions about who’s top class, who’s worth keeping and who isn’t worth a packet of crisps from our squad, so – let’s all give our thoughts in one thread shall we? I’ll go first:

    De Gea – Our only world class player. Definitely keep.
    Jones – As I said on another thread, think he should be given another 2 years to get over injuries and get a run in the team. After that, if he doesn’t manage, sell him.
    Rojo – Worth keeping as a back-up player.
    Depay – Still too early to judge, after next season we will know whether a dud or whether now is just the adaptation period.
    Mata – Though I never enjoy watching him play, he usually turns up with a number of goals and assists, so worth keeping as a back-up player in the number 10 position.
    Martial – Just behind De Gea as our best player. Definitely keep.
    Rooney – 2 months ago I would’ve said to get rid of him but he’s proven that, when he has the confidence, he can make the difference. I’d say keep him for another year or two and then see who’s available in the market should we sell him.
    Januzaj – Is not up to standard due to him being selfish however, given his age, I think we should keep him as a back-up player to see how he improves over the next 2 years.
    Smalling – One of our most important players. Keep.
    Carrick – Despite his age, still has better vision and passing ability than anyone in our squad. Give him another year.
    Blind – Doing a reasonably good job, even though I don’t see him as a centre back. Should be kept as a back-up due to his adaptability.
    Young – Like Blind, should be kept as a back-up due to his adaptability.
    Wilson – Don’t have much faith in him making it but, due to a lack of options up front, needs to be kept until we find a replacement.
    Romero – Decent back-up keeper I guess, not really a problem keeping him in the squad.
    Herrera – I like him even though I think he’s overrated by a number of United fans. At least he shows passion though. Another squad player who should be kept and can hopefully find a place in our first team once he improves.
    Powell – Had high hopes for him but it seems his attitude has let him down. Can be sold.
    Shaw – Hopefully his horrific injury won’t affect his excellent early season performances. Keep.
    Valencia – Personally I think that he should be our first choice right winger when fit, should be kept as an option for the near future however we should look into signing a winger in any case.
    Fellaini – Sell.
    Schneiderlin – Has good potential. Keep.
    Varela – We can sell, nothing special.
    Schweinsteiger – Can stick around for another year or two, but not the player I was expecting to be honest so won’t shed any tears should he leave.
    McNair – Good potential for the future. Keep.
    Lingard – Vastly overrated. Sell and make a tidy amount off him before he’s found out by the general public.
    Darmian – Can be kept as a back-up for right back but we’d still need to find a good solution for this position.
    Blackett – Good potential. Keep.
    Borthwick-Jackson – Good potential. Keep.
    Pereira – Good potential. Keep.

    So finally my squad would look like this:

    Current players to keep as first teamers: De Gea, Martial, Smalling, Shaw

    Current players who could make the first team if they play with confidence: Jones, Depay, Rooney, Herrera, Valencia, Schneiderlin, Darmian

    Current players to keep as squad members: Rojo, Mata, Januzaj, Carrick, Blind, Young, Romero, Schweinsteiger, McNair, Blackett, Borthwick-Jackson, Pereira, Wilson


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    Da gae smalling dhaw and martial. Rest of them are average. Simple as that!

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    Looks like fergiesarmy reckons the whole squad isn’t worth a packet of “crisps” off the Tesco aisle.

    I would get rid of Fellaini, Powell, Jones, Janujaz, Carrick, Blackett, and Wilson – I think they are simply not fit for purpose. I don’t give the benefit of the doubt to Januzaj anymore, it seems his attitude has failed him.

    I would keep the rest and buy top, top class players to go straight into the first team. A centre back, a right winger, and a striker. Possibly an athletic type like Alli for the central midfield areas as well

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    I think we’re looking at the past through rose tinted glasses, the Utd squad was never packed full of world class players. Even Fergie said he’s only worked with three or four world class players in his time. Every one of Fergie’s squads had two or three stand out players in the outfield and generally an outstanding keeper (Schmeichel, van der Sar, de Gea). You need good squad players to allow the best players freedom to roam or do what it is they do safe in the knowledge that if they leave a hole it will be plugged by someone else. We don’t need eleven world class players, and the squad probably wouldn’t work if we had, we need to build a squad capable of supporting de Gea, Smalling (?), Shaw and Martial, and we need one world class midfielder and another central defender who isn’t a sicknote. We have some good squad players who can do a job, but the question to be asked is will the likes of Januzaj, Depay and one or two others be willing to do the grunt work, if not, get rid of them…..

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    Well done, @SympathyfortheDevils, for putting this thread together – big fans of detailed topics like this.

    Goal Keeper
    De Gea – Keep – World Class.
    Romero – Keep – Decent Back Up.
    Recommendation: The Third GK Spot- Personally I believe this should go to a homegrown talent.

    Left Back
    Shaw – Keep – Potentially World Class.
    Blind – Keep – Good Back Up who can slot in at different positions, which makes him a valuable squad player.
    Borthwick-Jackson – Keep – Great potential.
    Recommendation: No change.

    Right Back
    Darmian – Keep – Impressed at the start and can either be a back up or a first team player depending on how he settles.
    Varela – Sell – Time for him to forge a career elsewhere.
    Recommendation: Need a new Right Back

    Center Back
    Smalling – Keep – Has emerged as our best defender.
    Jones – Keep – Personally have a lot of faith in him and he either fills his potential or becomes a good squad player.
    Rojo – Sell – He’s a good squad player but I’d prefer that spot in the squad went to a homegrown player.
    McNair – Keep – Good potential.
    Blackett – Keep – Potentially good but he should go on loan in the Premiership next season.
    Recommendation: Need one new Center Back to partner Smalling and compete with Jones. Personally would like to see one of Stones, Marinqueos, or Varane.

    Central Midfielders
    Schweinsteiger – Keep – The team needs leaders and there’s no harm having him see out his contract. Wouldn’t extend it though.
    Carrick – Keep – The team needs leaders and there’s no harm having him see out his contract. Wouldn’t extend it though.
    Fellaini – Sell – I didn’t know whether to classify him as a central midfielder or an attacking midfielder and I think that typifies him.
    Schneiderlin – Keep – Good squad player.
    Herrera – Sell – I like him but I don’t see him as anything other than a squad player and it’s a spot that can go elsewhere.
    Powell – Sell – It’s time to forge a career elsewhere.
    Recommendation: Need a dynamic ball playing midfielder. Kante, Pogba, Barkley, Gundogan, or Kongdobia would be ideal.

    Depay – Keep – In a different team in a different style, he could still prove to be the player that made us the envy of other fans when we signed him.
    Lingard – Sell – I don’t think he’s a Manchester United player and reminds me of Kieran Richardson.
    Young – Sell – Good squad player but time to move on.
    Valencia – Sell – Good squad player but time to move on.
    Recommendation: – Need a world class winger. James, Bale, Mahrez, Payet or Griezmann – someone of that ilk.

    Attacking Midfielders
    Mata – Keep – But has to be played as an attacking midfielder.
    Pereira – Keep – Great Potential and can play on the wings.
    Januzaj – Keep – He’s shown potential, I just think he’s only an AM and not a winger so if he’s not played to his strengths, he may never reach his potential.
    Recommendation:: If we could get Dele Ali, then sign him up, but he’s a Liverpool supporter so I doubt it. Otherwise, no change.

    Martial – Keep – Potentially World Class in the Messi, Henry, and Neymar bracket, if LVG doesn’t coach it out of him and I think the team should be built around him.
    Rooney – Keep – He’s our Totti / Gerrard. Keep him until his contract expires. It’s not like we have a choice and someone else will take his astronomical wages on – Thanks Moyes for that one.
    Wilson – Keep – Good Potential and I thought him over Hernandez was the right choice at the time due to lack of minutes offered, but then he wasn’t ever played….
    Recommendation: A new striker to partner Martial or take up the central role so Martial can drift wide. Either Kane or Lukaku would be good.

    So finally my squad would look like this:

    De Gea, Romero,
    Smalling, Jones, McNair, Blind, Blackett, Darmian, Shaw, Borthwick-Jackson
    Sneiderlin, Schweinstiger, Carrick, Depay, Januzaj, Mata, Pereira,
    Martial, Rooney, Wilson
    (This is a squad of 20)

    5 Additional Players Needed:
    – A new Center Back
    – A new Right Back
    – A new Central Midfielder
    – A new Winger
    – A new Striker


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    Hail martial. Rooney is our Totti and Gerrard? That’s exactly why we need to move on. Gerrard and Totti played on for too long at their clubs which is why neither Liverpool and roma have been successful in recent years. Rooney can’t offer as much as he used to so therefore is not good enough anymore. We cannot create a space in side for rooney for the sake of it. Keeping rooney means he start every game, surely you can see that he isn’t good enough anymore. People bang on about rooneys half time team talk against liverpool and give him so much credit for it but where has the teamtalks got him in all the other games in which we have been terrible?

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    Totti is still playing and performing for Roma, he’s too old to do it in the Champions League but he still brings something to the table for them in Serie A. Not saying Rooney could do the same for us, just saying

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    Fans seem to be commenting in simple terms of sell or keep. I see it in terms of what players can we say are automatic first team regulars or put another way, what positions can we say are covered and we don’t need to worry about for the foreseeable future.

    If put this way, Shaw with his injuries is a concern and DDG with RM hovering also has question marks. Martial has all the potential but at his age has yet to move into the proven category.

    @hatters – when you say keep them but find top class players to go into the first team you are not rating them much higher than the packet of crisps yourself. They are the plain crisps that aren’t stale who you dont throw away until you have something more tasty to munch on.

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    I’d have to agree with MacGuffin, we talk about get rid of, but other players have to be brought in. There needs to be a ‘sensible’ in and out system worked out. If these players are allowed to leave it needs to be when, and only when, a better replacement is found. Whether these replacements exist in the academy (doubtful) or need to be bought is up to the manager. Also, LVG and the board need to decide what is happening, no ‘world class’ player is going to come to a club in upheaval, regardless of their reputation or stature. The management of the club needs to be sorted before any forays into the transfer market can be made


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    I think most people will agree that we have 3-4 players that are good enough with the question mark against Smalling unless we sign a top defender to play alongside. If we are being very generous you could add Darmian, Morgan and Depay although he really needs to layoff the wackbacky I suspect! We could keep a number of the others like Blind purely as squad players but we need 4 top players minimum which would cost close to 200m based on current market prices. Who definitely need to be sold are Rooney, Fellaini and Mata and some of the younger players who just aren’t going to make it. We’d be very lucky to get 50m for them. That’s still alot of money to spend or in the case of Wudwud, probably waste!

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    Rooney is a good squad player but his wages make it unrealistic to play him in such a way. He still offers a lot through experience etc but again the wages….

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    Another way to look at it is who is indispensable, who is expendable and who is deadwood. For me DDG is (as yet) the only proven indispensable and I reckon he’s off in the summer.


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    Blimey,it seems that not only are some people happy with mid table mediocrity they are actually beginning to embrace it now!.If this club has serious aspirations of ever dining at the top table again we have to realise that that this squad is choc full of shite footballers,it’s not ALL LvG’s fault but of course he is the biggest single factor at play.So my ruthless,slightly tongue in cheek assessment of our squad goes like this:
    DeGea – Keep,but we will have to sell
    Romero – A total joker,Taibi was no worse – Bin him.
    Darmian – Not been too impressed yet,give him another year.Keep.
    Valencia – A no trick’ pony,no left foot,can’t cross and has got rocks in his head.Sell.
    Shaw – One of the few players we have with ‘star’ potential.Keep.
    Blind – Slow and very weak,squad player only.Keep.
    Rojo – Not a CB,nor a LB and is injury prone.Yet another Argentinian failure.Sell.
    Jones – Nothing more than an injury prone oaf,5 years of total ineptitude.Sell.
    Smalling – Our best CB,but that’s not saying much.No Rio or Vidic,but still a keeper.
    McNair – Totally useless player,I doubt we would even get a fee for him.Bin.
    Blackett – Even worse than McNair,can’t even get a game for Celtic in a pub league.Bin
    Bastian – Massive disappointment,legs have gone.One more year for his experience.Keep
    Schneiderlin – Expected much more,poor on the ball,slow and unathletic.Look’s like we should have bought Wanyama instead.One more year.Keep.
    Carrick – Totally finished and is now a completely knackered with injuries at 35 yrs of age.No new contract for him.
    Mata – A waste of 37m,slower than my granny and has not nailed it in nearly 3 yrs.Sell
    Fellaini – If we can’t find a mug club to buy him he should be taken out and shot!.Bin
    Pereira – Look’s to have some talent,but he needs a chance instead of Mata.Keep.
    Herrera – Going backwards big time,give him another year max once LvG goes,if he doesn’t improve then he will have to go as well.Keep for now.
    Januzaj – Nothing to offer,too slow and with a bad attitude.Sell
    Lingard – Typical MUFC youth product,the Championship awaits him.Sell.
    Young – Useless as either a winger or a full back,30 yrs old and injury prone.Sell.
    Martial – Have to sack LvG before he ruins this guy as well.Keep.
    Rooney – One good game all season against mighty Newcastle does not mask the truth that he is finished at the top level.Ship him off to the MLS or China asap.Sell.
    Wilson – Not seen enough to form a judgement yet,so on that basis.Keep.

    So there you have it,I’m not naive enough to think or expect the above will happen overnight but if we want to ever challenge properly again then it needs to happen pretty soon,simple as that.

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    @Mac – doubtful regarding De Gea if the Real Madrid ban is upheld as expected. If they want him in their squad before the summer of 2017, then they’ll have to buy him right now.

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    Rooney’s wages also make it unrealistic to think that we can simply offload him. PSG, Man City, Chelsea, Madrid, and Barcelona are realistically the only European teams that can financially afford to have him on their books, not including any actual transfer fee too.

    The only way Rooney will leave is if he goes to MLS and I doubt that will happen this summer. Maybe next.


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    Kill, we don’t want to keep hold of players who don’t perform in champions league like Totti. Winning the champions league is what we should aspire to and it ain’t going to happen with rooney leading our attack, he is way past it. Like you said a good squad player but on 300k for a squad player? I don’t think it makes any sense. Xavi wasn’t peforming half as bad as rooney is for us but he and barca knew that time is up, and I’m afraid time is up for rooney too


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    Hail martial rooney doesn’t need to go anywhere because he gets game time. If he was to be dropped and became a squad player I can guarantee him and his agent will be looking for another club within months. We will have to let him go on cheap like we did with rvp but it’s a step in the right direction


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    Great assessment @blacky. I’m willing to give januzaj another year, can’t argue with the rest though

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    Memphis is also a keep!! Didn’t see his name on the list. LVG is not giving him a fair run and he def needs an improvement to make it at United. For sure a keep to proof himself.


    @hailmartial – Thank you for the compliment mate =) it seems we’re pretty much on par except for the following:

    Herrera – Do you really think we should sell him? I think that, given his age and the form he showed last season when played regularly in a position he likes, he has the potential to be a first team player for the near future.

    Young / Valencia – I understand your thoughts on them however, given that in the squad you noted you’d only have Depay as a natural winger (since I agree with you that Mata and Januzaj shouldn’t play on the wings), don’t you think we would lack in the wingers department even if we brought in someone else? I think the wings are the biggest reason we have become so negative coz our wingers are just too slow and are more inclined to drift inwards rather than attack the full back and get a good cross in.


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