Are Arsenal ever going to be at the top again?

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    This is a genuine concern for a club that is in the path of self destruction.I’m quite honestly past caring about qualifying for the CL next season.I mean qualify and do what,be in a competetion which we will never ever in a million years win under this owner?Or instead of having a reported 40m to spend have an extra 30m to spend which is quite honestly peanuts in today’s market we won’t get the players we require from that.
    You know what,I’m happy we bottled top 4,because it shows the major cracks and flaws not only in this squad but in this club.Had we finished in the top 4 this club and many fans would actually beleive we’re not far away from challenging for titles but in reality we are a gazillion miles away simply because of the tough competetion around.This self sustaining model hasn’t worked and won’t work if we want to win the PL.The owner has basically invested in the shares and has no ambition whatsoever to actually win something,that’s pretty much guaranteed.

    Really,does anyone on here see an entry for the forthcoming seasons to fight with the top teams for the title?I Certainly don’t.Not the way this club is run.In some aspects we’re the worst run club in the world,making unparallelled decisions.No one can make as terrible decisions like this club does.Our wage struture is broken beyond repair,we’re the worst club in the transfer market.The people running this club are clueless.I really do feel for Emery or any other coach in his place because it certainly isn’t his fault.
    The worst part is…the only way this club can ever progress is if we change the owner.And that is very unlikely to happen because no one seems to give a damn.Fans are happy with bottling whatever we’re fighting for every season and seeing the odd thrashing of midtable sides.There is no Hope for this club,and very soon I’d have given up on them.

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