Clinical against Lamberts workhorses

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    A game which we needed two great goals to win against our old managers struggling team.

    Ipswich worked hard pressing space not allowing us much time on the ball, but two well crafted moves were finished with two good touches. Ipswich themselves brought a decent following and had two half chances in the first half hitting the outside of the post from a tight angle and heading wide at a corner otherwise just a couple of dangerous crosses. Lambert aftermatch comments shows he sees games totally different to me and most others.

    Alot of fans thought it was a poor performance but i thought it was average at best but certainly good enough to win. Afobe should have scored early on but the keeper impeded him. We tried several defence splitting passes which did not come off as we played a narrower formation Clusas more central than wide. At the end of the day 3 points against a team we will not play in the league next season.

    Also this site is making so much harder to get on so frustrating.

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