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    Millwall slam ‘archaic’ FA’s appeals process after red card

    I am so glad Millwall are making a stand on this. It was never a red offense and should be downgraded to a Yellow. Sadly the referee appears to be the only one to think it a red card, probably to cover his own back. You could see by his performance on Saturday he was never going to be a big enough man to admit his mistake (or was it deliberate and therefore cheating)

    This is the second time this season we have had a player wrongly sent off and the appeal process has failed us. (cant argue with our other 2 red cards)

    I hope we keep fighting this and make it as public as possible. We need to root out the FA’s corruption and cheating match officials.


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    Good luck with that one. How long have you got?


    nine nine nine
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    Think Kingo is right Millwall have appealed the red card and lost that appeal there’s nowhere to go from there.


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    We kmnow we lost the appeal and thereis no turning back on that decission. What Millwall are doing is calling for a reform to the appeals process. In its current state its not fit for purpose as are most parts of the FA.

    All you need to do it look at Henri Lansburys red card for Villa earlier in the season that was over turned then look at Jed Wallaces that wasnt. Two almost identical tackles, if anything Lansburys was worse. You wll never get consistenty on a pitch over 90 minutes but you should get consistency from a panel set up for this very thing.
    Who are the panel?
    Why the secrecy around them?
    What have they got to hide?
    Does a panel even exist?

    Calling the FA currupt may sound harsh and most people think they are just incompetent, but decissions like this say to me this stinks of corruptoin. Millwall have made no fewer than 10 complaints this season fully backed up by video evidence that major decissions are going against us. Now this happens, Coincidence? I think not

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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