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    So 2-1 today against a Cambridge side that tried to do a Barnet but were not in the same class, Barnet bees carry a sting see what they did at Accy today. Since we got our last “run” of two consecutive wins many things have happened and being able to pick the same side has often been rendered impossible thanks to injuries and loans namely Lavery having to go back.

    Take aways from today? Hollands back with Doyle rock solid in midfield, McNulty and Connor great combination, no Michael Smith, sadly we are not missing him. Kyle being a second “Nuge” flatters to frustrate.

    From last season, i know there are few left but Hollands and Adam Webster (remember the flack he got particularly from FFF) totally improved.

    What do we lack? A defensive general like Robbo, but he didn’t have mobility so best off rid. And the next most important thing 2 wins on the trot, last time we did that in the league was Hartlepool at home then Northampton away. Exeter are a bogey team so let’s start destroying our albatrosses and get another 3 points PUP


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    Hi Chris
    I thought this forum had ceased
    Just stumbled upon it again

    A better job against an awful Cambridge team
    We turned up and battled
    How the idiot inept referee didn’t send off that oaf 21 and the 6 for awful fouls is beyond me.

    Yes agree Hollands has been missed
    Agree to regarding Webster
    My moan about him last year was him playing at full back. He is not a full back, but is a very good centre half

    Bennett is mr frustration
    Genuinely quick, gets a lot of ball. Rarely chooses the right pass rarely plays forward, too often loses possession easily. Can do some nice things, like yesterday’s shot.
    Doesn’t do this nearly enough tho.

    For me our issues are with the creative players. Bennett and Roberts in particular. Too often they have failed to deliver this season, meaning the forwards have had little service . To play as we do, we are easy to set up against and predictable. It’s not until a creative individual moment occurs do we unsettle the opposition. Yesterday websters runs created and scored the goals.
    I’m still optimistic we will make play offs and go up

    We are a class apart from most of the dross in this league. Application now, grit, and a creative moment is all we need

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    Welcome back FFF, yes getting to this place is like breaking back into Colditz, and you would ask why bother?

    Well considering the alternatives it is a better place Richard, Kingo and I am here, not much I will grant you, but compared with some other forums full of Skates, Scum, Bedwetters, Trolls and child mol*** according to the posters this is a good place where we can get on to some serious debate, so very welcome return and if some of our previous posters who you might know need to be informed get them back here ASAP, so we can chew over all things interesting and controversial at PFC.

    Kyle Bennett, an enigma, a talent with his feet butnot yet got a developed football brain on his shoulders IMO, more talent than Nuge but still needs training to make the right pass/move/ shoot decision, but his shot hat got Webster’s goal was a peach.

    Let’ get back to debate and arguement after Exeter, see you soon.


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    Hi Chris, and Hi to FFF. This site is useless compared to what it used to be, but hey at least we have somewhere to moan. Came over to see if I could find you (FFF) at HT in the Bournemouth game but no joy. Anyway, a frustrating season half the time. I agree with FFF, we are a better team than most in the Division, but definitely not sufficiently physical. Last Sat was better so let’s see how tomorrow night and Saturday go. We need a Wembley final at the end of the season (we’re not going to get auto prom now.)

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