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    Funny old game football, 6 days after thumping York City here I am feeling frustrated with Pompey’s latest results. On one hand as thee Carlisle and Wycombe managers both said Pompey were the best team in the division that they have played against by a fine distance, but counter this with form based on our last 6 games puts us 15th in the division having collected 7 points in 6.

    Plymouth, Northampton, Oxford and Accrington all have collected between 4 to 9 points more in the last 6. So let’s put a positive face on that and if Christian Burgess had not commited a penalty foul and Brian Murphy hadn’t lost his mind to gift the first goal to Wycombe we could home with 4 more points than we have today. If another 6 matches pass in this way we will be down in mid table and dropping away, don’t believe it will happen, I hope.

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