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    Having listened to todays game via Radio 5 with Graham Taylor co commentating it was interesting to hear the views of a man who’s passion for club still runs high. The disappointment in his voice for what he was witnessing told a sorry tale but for all the pain and torture it was interesting to hear his views as he pinpointed players failings on the pitch.

    1. Lescotts lack of authority or leadership as Captain.
    2. A lack of movement by the 2 front men making them easy to defend
    3. No midfield contribution either tackling back or creating chances for the forwards
    4. Players heads dropping to quickly in the game
    5. A lack of team togetherness and clear division in the ranks
    6, The disappointing lack of quality throughout the squad

    And although he said very little about Garde’s management style you could tell the lack of passion from the touchline was also hard for him the accept.

    Ok so nothing new but Graham was clearly upset by the lack of belief he was witnessing to the point where he almost sounded choked, I nearly shed a tear myself.

    Changes are slowly happening behind the scenes at VP but I hope Hollis realises that these are the people to turn Villa around…. Brian Little (glad to see him back), Graham Taylor, Ian Taylor ex players and and managers who love the club. We need more of them involved, advising and re-building in preparation for next season, pulling the the club and the fans back together and getting us back into the top flight.

    We’ve got to be brutal when swinging the axe – 75% of the current squad isn’t good enough, the manager isn’t good enough and Fox, Riley and Almstadt should be top of the list and sent packing.

    We need people on board who bleed claret and blue, then and only then will we be a force once more!! UTV

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    Having watched that showing yesterday I will not be going back this season. If the staff and players cant be bothered then frankly nor can I. Where is the pride, respect and personal passion for their sport and club.

    If I were Hollis I would bin Fox et al, replace them with Villa men. We could do a lot worse than bringing Gregory, Taylor and Collymore into the fold who know and care for the club. Part company with Remi – this is not his fault but neither does he want to be there and certainly is not instilling any basic principles into this team such as effort, team work and togetherness.

    Put the entire squad, with no exceptions up for sale, until they are either sold, or buck up their ideas and bring in Pearson to begin to plan for next year, knock some heads together and shake things up. We also need to blood the kids from the U21’s (maybe 4-5) and get them fighting for the shirt (which surely is the minimum requirements of any player – sorely lacking currently).

    Doing the same thing week in and week out and expecting something to change is not the answer. This is drastic change and I find myself asking why not!? How could it possibly be worse than where we are now!? UTV

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